Well, not officially for a little bit still, but ummmm yeah.

We’ve got a big announcement to make tomorrow morning, we’ll give you one guess but you’ll only need #0

Figure it out, detectives — Damian Lillard is this season’s Rookie of the Year. And to that we say, “Duh.”

While a case certainly could be made for Anthony Davis, the fact of the matter is that Lillard led all rookies in scoring with 19.0 points per game, and that’s usually enough to win this award. In fact, if you include Lillard’s win, the leading rookie scorers from each of the past four seasons has taken home ROY. And if you throw out Derrick Rose winning the trophy over 2008-09′s leading rookie scorer, OJ Mayo, you have to go back to 2003-04 — when Carmelo Anthony outscored LeBron James by 0.1 ppg while losing out on ROY to James — for the next-most recent example of the exception proving the rule. Throw in the fact that Lillard led the entire league in total minutes played while starting every single game at point guard for an almost-playoff team in the Western Conference, and like I said, duh. (Also, Lillard won every single Western Conference Rookie of the Month this season, so again, duh.)

Luckily for Damian, the NBA’s Rookie of the Year trophy is just a piece of glass on a little wooden stand, and not anything that could be mistaken for a tiny historic statue. Things could have gotten pretty awkward at that ceremony.

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  1. Why do you always make these announce posts before the official announcers announce the winners? This ain’t Twitta, playa. You don’t have to break news on a blog. I want the real stats, like the voting breakdown. I already knew Damian Lillard was going to win because his regular seasons stats have been available for a month, but what I don’t know is how many votes Terrence Ross got from the Toronto media or what Lillard said at his press conference. Feed me the dirt, Trey Kerby. Feed me the dirt like I’m a vacuum.

    • It’s a blog, not an official press release like the one you’ll find on NBA.com. Why would he even care about voting distribution, the point here is to bring news in a funny, semi-subjective kind of way which we all love.

      Also, I don’t get your “I already knew Damian Lillard was going to win because his regular seasons stats have been available for a month”. His regular season stats have been available for a month? The hell does that mean? His stats have been available from the very first game of the season, which is many months ago, and the season just ended two weeks ago. I clearly don’t get your “available for a month”, it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me (or to anyone, in fact).

      And Lillard was basically a lock for RoY 20-30 games into the season, barring some injury which thankfully never happened.

  2. Anthony Davis is better than Lillard. Lillard will fade away and Davis will be a superstar

    • Or the could both be excellent players? Davis not winning doesn’t really provide a reason to hate on a guy who played exceptionally well for a rookie pg.

      • I agree with you, though I think this young man (kasper) is simply filled with irrational hatred, a vile disease which sadly affects many people who will nonetheless declare themselves “fans” and bring shame upon us all who really actually enjoy professional sports.

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