On Wednesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss last night’s two NBA games: Warriors-Nuggets and Grizzlies-Clippers. Topics include: Mark Jackson’s post-game comments accusing Denver of sending “hit men” for Steph Curry, JaVale McGee getting the start, Iggy’s all-around game, Festus’ backbreaking turnover, Blake’s high right ankle sprain, Memphis X-factors, and how the Clips can slow Z-Bo and Marc.

All that, plus Denver traffic, whip cream bikinis, drywall repairs, and sexy Memphis nightclubs.

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  1. MattyO doing some issue-spotting on the fine question. Shirts too rough to even heckle. Must leave before Nora/Danielle able to see.

  2. Knock him around, wrap him up when he’s going to the lane, lay him out when setting a screen. I totally get that.

    But Curry has ANKLE problems. Look at the one play with 8:28 left in the first quarter. That wasn’t a hit, or a bump…. that was an ankle smash. It was Bruce Bowen-y and it was dirty as hell.

    If Bogut had made that hard foul on Tyson Chandler, who has a neck injury, that would have been dirty. But Faried’s neck is fine, so it’s just a hard foul. There’s a difference between “I’m gonna foul you hard and maybe it’s a little bit reckless” and “I’m deliberately trying to injure you”.

    • this is stupid. Its either dirty or its a hard foul. The health of your opponent should not be brought into consideration. Oh, I was going to hard foul him, but then I recalled that he had juvenile arthritis and diabetes!

      And boguts play was dirty

  3. I don’t really approve of Faried stomping Curry’s ankle, but otherwise I’m fine with the rough play. Jackson’s “inside information” comment was just stupid. Game 6 should be great.

  4. did you guys hear about Bynum flamenco dancing in a cafe in madrid?? he really knows how to shake those jamones! the knee looks strong, and at least he’s not bowling, right? http://allball.blogs.nba.com/2013/05/01/andrew-bynum-flamenco-dances-in-spain/?ls=nbahpsplit2

  5. So Mark Jackson is old school when it benefits his team but when old school hurts his team he is against it

  6. Iggy was talking to Mark Jackson right after the Curry ankle play, so maybe he’s the guy?

    Even if Mark Jackson is just making the whole thing up and he didn’t have any “inside information” I kind of like it.

    1) he’s sticking up for this guys for which intern they’ll trust him more

    2) he’s influencing the refs, just like Phil Jackson used to do all the time, which could help the Warriors get some extra calls in the next game

    and 3) and this is something I’ve never seen before, he’s casting doubt in the Nuggets locker room, dividing them from within.

    • This can only end with a Reservoir Dogs style showdown in the Nuggets locker room over who is the undercover Warrior.

  7. Mark Jackson is totally playing with everyone’s minds. Wants to motivate his players and mess with the refs. He’s full of shit of course, if you remember him claiming he was “old school” after having his players hack the Rockets in the regular season game where they were smoked off the court. Isn’t that convenient, Pastor?

    Love the shout out to the score keepers for not running the clock too early. I was score keeping for a middle school game once and a team inbounded the ball and let it roll for a bit, so obviously I didn’t start the clock until the guy touched the ball….in those 5 seconds or so, the other team’s bratty players and jumping up and down and yelling at me to start the clock. cool story bro, I know.

    Tonight: NY, Indiana, OKC.

  8. A real Cool Story Bro moment here but I literally just finished watching Hitman before seeing today’s podcast title. Olga Kurylenko is severely underrated.

  9. mark jackson already proved what kind of dipshit he is when he said stuff like “i know jason collins and im praying for his family” …hes made a living from opening his mouth and just saying dumb shit, he talked himself into the job in g.s. and i hope one day he talks himself out of it, because he is seriously annoying and i dont think he reflects the attitudes and values of the bay area

  10. Tas to Z-bo: Dat ass.

  11. OMG – so obvious the Nuggets were going at Curry’s ankles deliberately in both last two games! Count how many times they tripped him. Magee on every screen in last two games always tried to TRIP(!) curry, not just moving screen – you idiots who say just hard foul need to watch both games. Koufus after trying to block Curry’s three swiped his eyes in follow thru – as deliberate as hell – Faried pulling JACK down after fouling him was to HURT HIM ball already gone. You guys are dumbasses if you can’t see this is fouling to HURT GW players. I don’t like Mark Jackson, but I got to admit Karl had his (tiny)Nuggets out to hurt and maime! I am shocked you all can’t see it!

    • “Koufus after trying to block Curry’s three swiped his eyes in follow thru …”

      What the fuck you watching? LOL. Are you kidding?

  12. does Leigh Leigh have the flu or something? his voice sounds kinda raspy…

  13. Bogut pushing Faried was retaliation for ANKLE SMASHING, YOU FOOLS!
    You low-brows would be frustrated if I smashed your ankles and kept tripping you and trying to stick my fingers in your eyes!
    You say fine Jackson – how about if it is proven Karl order go for Curry’s eyes or ankles – YOU FOOLS! How about Fine Karl or his players for aiming for ankles! IDIOTS YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG!
    No longer listening to your podcasts! YOU missed this one totally! must be nugget fans!

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