Things of Note for May 1, 2013


Ballin: Just because his line came in an elimination game his team needed to win to continue playing, let’s give a little shine to Andre Iguodala’s 25-12-7 in Denver’s big Game 5 win. Somewhat amazingly, that is both his fourth-highest point total and second-highest rebound total of the season. Also, sometimes when I try to type “just” it comes out “Judy,” and not just because of autocorrect.

Not so much: Chris Paul had 35 points on 11-24 shooting. The other four Clippers starters had 18 on 8-21 shooting. Additionally, Matt Barnes led the team in rebounding, so guess who won. (P.S. It was the Grizzlies.)

Dyspepsia at the Pepsia: Here’s something you probably never thought you’d see — Stephen Curry getting in to an altercation with a fan.

To be honest, I’d think that Stephen Curry (6-foot-3, 111 lbs.) versus any random grownup NBA fan could be a pretty evenly matched fight. I’d probably take Steph because of his guaranteed speed advantage but I’m sure that could be negated by some solid bro strength that comes from carrying cases of Coors Light.

Zeebs: Here’s Zach Randolph’s fourth quarter line — 10 points, 5-6 shooting, two rebounds, one assist, four Clippers defenders (Ronny Turiaf, DeAndre Jordan, Lamar Odom and Ryan Hollins) embarrassed.

A wrinkle in time: This is one of the few times in life where it feels like the world has actually done the Zach Morris life timeout.

Reggie Miller said he’d never seen that before which is weird because a) it’s happened in the NBA a bunch of times and b) I am a recreational basketball player who has seen this happen more than once during a game I was playing in, so you would think a Hall of Famer who played 18 NBA seasons would have been around when it happened at least once.

FYI: Metta World Peace really thinks the Grizzlies can win the NBA title, but he also thought the Lakers would go 73-9, so take that with every grain of salt in the Dead Sea.

Head hunting: Mark Jackson thinks the Nuggets “sent hit men” at Stephen Curry. You be the Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone.

Considering I didn’t even remember these plays when I heard Mark Jackson say this, I’m going to respectfully disagree with Marky Mark, though I will admit that Warriors fans could easily take the other side of the argument. Oh, and for the record, JaVale McGee doesn’t think the Warriors were playing clean anyways. And double-oh, Andrew Bogut did this, so I guess we can call it even.

Beauty: This was an awesome basketball sequence — after a change of possession allowed Chris Paul to wisely waste some clock by refusing to grab a bouncing ball in the backcourt, which would theoretically let the Clippers get the final shot of the third quarter, he hit some free throws. However, Jerryd Bayless is really fast so he went coast-to-coast for a layup in 4.3 seconds, Tyus Edney style, which had to have made the Clippers sad. Very cool all around.

Other things: Another great sequence was Ty Lawson’s smart steal of a horrible Festus Ezeli outlet pass that led to this Kenneth Faried alley-oop … Which is not to be confused with this game-sealing Kenneth Faried alley-oop or this Kenneth Faried chasedown block and too-easy layup … Allen Iverson and Yao Ming co-star in the funniest picture you’ll see today … Your first look at next year’s Kevin Durant signature shoes … Pic up top is via CJ Fogler

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  1. That ming iverson photo, I was seriously trying to see Yao over my sreen…

  2. This guy is on fire. As soon as I saw old man Jenkins I thought that better be the mfkin cover of note, what a G.

  3. A longer video of the the trash talking denver kid
    watch Carl Landry snatch the towel out of his hand and throw it away. Way to protect your guy.

  4. uhm, so, cousins got suspended for jawing with a non-player. What about Curry? Seems over the line to me. Also, Mark Jackson is a crybaby. Go pray for some gay guys

  5. Great night of ball last night, love the Nuggets and Grizzlies.

    Old man was a G as well.

  6. those sneakers are hideous

  7. they need to fire Durants shoe designer now. only decent durants were the iv’s

  8. I have to pay over $100 from a sweatshop slave for a Laffy Taffy? -_-

  9. It’s not anywhere close to possible that Steph Curry is 111 lbs.

  10. Those KD shoes look a lot like Nike Soccer Cleats (Mercurial Vapor)…

  11. As far as Reggie’s comments: sometimes the ball wedges on the rim after a long jumper is launched, but I have also never seen a lay-up settling on the back of the rim iron. Maybe that’s what Reggie meant?

    Then again, Reggie said Serge Ibaka deserves tto be DPOY because his offense improved,so, you know, grains of salt.

  12. Chucks proposed rule change would be pretty pretty interesting. “Every player gets to go into the stands and beat ” up one fan…every game!

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