On Thursday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss last night’s three NBA games: Celtics-Knicks, Rockets-Thunder and Hawks-Pacers. Topics include: Worst. Funeral. Ever., Kevin Garnett’s all-around game, Bass keepin’ Boston in it early, iso Knicks ball, the Thunder’s inexplicable “Hack-Asik” strategy, Harden’s flu game, Good Josh/Bad Josh, David West’s strength, and flagrant fouls.

All that, plus why Osten only wears black underwear.

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Comments (13)

  1. thunderwear = new classic much better than fart bucket

  2. He pooped his thunderwear!! Thanks, pun-gun!

  3. Is anyone else having issues with today’s podcast? Mine keeps skipping from the 28:23 mark to the end.

  4. lmao wow thats funny today i was just thinkin about why some eggs are brown while others are white

  5. Funny show today. Matt with the drops is great

    Celtics or Houston will come back from 3-0, I’m goin to say Houston has the best shot.

  6. One thing about the Thunder, Ibaka has no post game whatsoever. He adds that, they would be true rivals to the Heat.

  7. Matt’s premature Beverly drop was so funny. Possibly my favourite tbj drop of all time. Long live the Rockets post season!

  8. On black shirt days, would be cool if Trey could pull a little Ravishing Rick Rude behind the head so we’re clear what the current situation is. Agree with his Nugs, Bulls picks, though his level of confidence reflected my own.

  9. The Celtics/Hawks first rounder in ’08 was the 7-game-series-all-blow-outs that reminded Skeetz of the current Pacers/Hawks series.

    Also, Tas did an excellent Super Chicken impression with his sign off:


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