In today’s NBA, there is nothing more important than looking cool coming to and from playing in a basketball game. That’s why you see all these fancy outfits all the time. But one thing we never really think about is how silly these guys with the snazzy clothes must feel when they’ve picked out their freshest duds, only to see their team lose a game, which then makes it look like the player got dressed up for no reason. It’s a total buzzkill sartorially.

And no one knows that better right now than J.R. Smith, who was super on board with the Knicks wearing black to the Celtics’ funeral, right up until the part when the C’s climbed out of the grave. From CBS New York:

“Well, we was going to a funeral, but it looks like we got buried,” Smith said. “Basketball is a very humbling game.”

Especially on nights like Smith had.

The NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year missed his first 10 shots and finished 3 of 14 from the field as the Celtics stayed alive with a 92-86 victory Wednesday night, cutting New York’s lead to 3-2.

The Knicks didn’t have much of a choice but to wear their all-black street clothes after the loss.

“I’m done with this black stuff,” said Smith.

First things first, props to J.R. Smith for having a line ready. If you’re going to be publicly embarrassed, it’s always wise to have a decent zinger in your back pocket to make it seem like you’re at least levelheaded about what has transpired. It’s comedy as a defense and it’s a perfectly fine way of coping, or so I’ve heard.

And hey, if J.R. is putting away all his black clothes because he went 3-14 from the field when trying to close out his team’s biggest rivals, now’s a perfect time to do that. It’s spring now, the weather is warming up and colors are going to be returning to everyone’s wardrobes. Sure, you can wear black all year long, but now is the time to lighten things up. Not only are lighter colors going to keep you cooler in the heat, it’s also seasonally appropriate to let a few bright hues show up from time to time. As a new-to-the-game fashionista, J.R. probably knows this and might just be letting people in on his new spring inspiration.

Or maybe he is just embarrassed that the Knicks made such a big deal about what they were wearing to the game, then followed that up by playing so poorly that he can’t bring himself to live through Game 5 again. It’s definitely one of those things, but good luck figuring out which one it is. Pretty tough case to crack.