Things of Note for May 2, 2013


Ballin: Through the first four games of the Rockets’ first round series with the Thunder, James Harden had made four threes in 25 attempts. Last night, in Houston’s big win to take things back home for a Game 6, Harden hit his first seven threes on the way to 31 points. Beardo also added eight rebounds and three assists, while turning the ball over just three times despite handling it a ton. Good stuff.

Not so much: J.R. Smith backed up all his trash talk with a trash game, going 3-14 from the field while not making a shot until there was only three-ish minutes left in the fourth quarter. Must have been too busy thinking about golf.

Wanker: Here’s another good choice for Not So Much — Jordan Crawford, who didn’t play a minute in Game 5 and then started talking trash to the Knicks.

Pretty easy to see what Jordan Crawford said and therefore pretty easy to see why the Knicks were so mad. Game 6 should be wild.

Correlation: The Indiana Pacers were playing at home last night, so they got the double-digit win because that is what happens in this series. You play at home, you win easy.

Canine maintenance: This is one of the greatest NBA dog walkings we have ever seen.

Do you think Patrick Beverley should get an assist for this? Play-by-play data shows he didn’t, but he did throw the pass that directly led to James Harden’s three, which is generally the criteria for an assist. I’m going to file a quick protest with the league office. Be right back.

Raindrops: The Celtics went 11-22 from three in their Game 5 win last night. That’s the 11th time this season they’ve hit double-digits from deep and they’re now 10-1 when when they do so.

Turnabout: Patrick Beverley got Patrick Beverley’d last night.

Heh, Patrick Beverley didn’t like being Patrick Beverley’d.

Pacers fact: Here is something else from Pacers-Hawks — David West and Paul George combined to score 45 points on 18-24 shooting while grabbing 15 rebounds and handing out five assists. That’s cool.

Other things: J.R. Smith did do something fancy last night, so it wasn’t a total waste … Pablo Prigioni is sometimes very narvuss about shootingJalen Rose and Rajon Rondo playing Connect Four … As you might imagine, Jordan Crawford thinks he didn’t do anything wrong last night … Jamal Crawford’s top 10 plays is a worthwhile watch

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  1. I’m a fan of Morey’s but he should reserve one non-sabermetric spot on his team for a goon. If OKC is gonna keep taking shots at ol’ Bev, Houston needs to be able to match them.

  2. James Harden is routinely the best manager of the 2 for 1 situation. Still boggles my mind how terrible some star players are at it.

  3. Knicks dressing in all black deserves mention for being classless and incredibly arrogant.

  4. Your Crawford Top 10 plays HTML link is busted.

  5. This only confirms that Honey Nut cheerios was true!

  6. I mean it’s hard to understand Jordan Crawford when you can hear him speak, so unless someone on the court confirms that he said something about Melo’s wife being railed, I would take it with a grain of salt

  7. The ball is still being dribbled on the Westbrook play; the time out was already called, and the ball cradled, on the Beverly play. Shade of difference

  8. Things:

    1) I love that photo of Rondo and Jalen because Rondo has a newspaper in his lap. His mind works so fast, he needs something to read between moves of Connect Four. I understand that kind of ADD all too well, Rajon.

    2) Beverly gets to defend himself when players do that to him. KD already delivered pay-back to Jeremy Lin (and Westbrook did that same “dirty trick” to Lin earlier in the season and nobody cared because Lin didn’t get hurt). I get the “eye for an eye” mentality, but my count now says that the Thunder have hit a guy after he called a timeout 3 times and the Rockets only did it once. Chill out bros.

    • Booverly pushed him back and got a tech so I think it’s clear that he’s not putting up with it That should be the end of it. Or the Thunder can keep being petulant and lose the series. Both work for me.

  9. You didn’t mention that Rondo and Rose are in their pajamas. Is this some kind of NBA summer sleep away league?

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