Can two players be fined for flopping on the same play? Just asking for a friend who definitely didn’t weasel his way out of a contract with a non-contender so that he could play for the Thunder. No big deal. Just let me know.

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  1. Do you have to slide back on your bum for it to be called a charge? I understand that if they didn’t move, then it should be a foul, but the fact that everyone does that fall backwards infuriates me. It’s not a natural movement of being hit.

    Let’s not forget that all these men are at least seven inches taller and countless stone heavier than I will ever be, so they should stop falling over at every opportunity.

    And as for Derek Fisher…

    • There was an article in True Hoop about this. Shane Battier said the refs basically tell him that if you don’t fall, they won’t call anything. And if you think about it, when’s the last time a guy took a shoulder in the chest, stayed on his feet, and still drew the charge. It sucks, that the refs call it that way though.

  2. Don’t you think it’s weird that the player many consider the biggest slimeball in the NBA is head of the Players Assoc? If a total lack of personal integrity is the prerequisite for the job, perhaps Andrew Bynum will be interested after Fisher retires for good. Maybe Bynum can get a Max contract to play only the final month of the season, and only on a contender. That kind of arrangement will definitely save wear and tear on his knees so he can continue to pursue his nascent dancing career.

  3. I came to the blog just to leave a comment on today’s episode that you guys didn’t mention this, touche.

  4. That was freaking awesome…I laughed so hard, crazy how they were perfectly in sync with each other.

  5. Judge Reinhold looked so incredulous in that video.

  6. Has Derek Fisher ever been a good defender? It seems like he’s been getting reputation calls for the last 15 years.

  7. They still have the death penalty in Texas right? Might be time for Fisher to take a seat in the chair. Scumbag that no one likes.

  8. It’s synchronized flopping. It should be made an Olympic sport. LOL

  9. bet the bulls miami heat from brandon

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