You can tell this is an old clip because Daequan Cook is still hanging around, but geez is it fascinating to see these pros trying to figure out exactly how far they can stretch their Euro steps without having it be illegal. And it seems like they eventually got to the bottom of things, since James Harden might have the best Euro step in the game right now.

Though now after seeing this, I kind of feel like he should credit Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin, Cook and assistant coach J.B. Bickerstaff any time he does it, as they are obviously the brain trust behind his mastery. Just throw them a hyperlink or something, just to keep them satisfied.

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  1. It’s shocking how little travelling is called in game. Its to the point where noone knows what travelling is anymore

  2. Not sure where to submit this, but some ‘great’ advice from Kareem you might find entertaining…

    • Some great advice in that column. My personal favorite:

      10. Being right is not always the right thing to be. Kareem, my man, learn to step away. You think being honest immunizes you from the consequences of what you say. Remember Paul Simon’s lyrics, “There’s no tenderness beneath your honesty.” So maybe it’s not that important to win an argument, even if you “know” you’re right. Sometimes it’s more important to try a little tenderness.

  3. It was clearly a travel by Parsons. He gathered right his right foot and then did the euro step. Lol. Pretty fascinating video though

  4. Seems like the main problem is most people don’t understand gathering, and just how well these guys can extend the dribble before they go into a gather. Seems you have to watch the hands as much as the feet to decide when a gather and thus a travel actually happens.

  5. Royce White’s having a ball in this one. Or he would be.

  6. as if it matters in the nba game

  7. I wouldn’t argue it….Asians know their numbers.

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