On Friday’s episode of “The Fix” x “The Overdose,” The Jones discuss Andrew Bogut’s impact, Steph Curry’s third quarter, the David Lee card, the Nuggets’ three-point shooting, Andray Clutche, the shorthanded (vomiting) Bulls, jump balls, KAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!, players who’ve impressed this postseason, our favorite off-the-court moments, and which games we’re most looking forward to this weekend.

All that, plus “Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday,” Jon Snow, TOTW disciplinary action, dancing, and more.

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  1. Love the playoffs but I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting for “The blank (Game of Thrones) Jones” come summer!

    • I second that!
      but only that…since i heard the guys are into fast and the furious, 666 Park Avenue and other rubbish.#shocked

      BUT as exciting the playoffs are…..who is the other team to beat miami?……………
      So it is almost an episode of game of thrones but you already know that the bad guy will get burned by the HEAT of the dragon in the end!

    • A [BLANK] Jones about a TV show most people don’t watch? Sounds riveting. Maybe you can get Grantland Pop Culture to carry it!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggXbzjnffAo – the first thing that popped to my head after the grandma’s call

  3. Man, I did not expect last night’s results and look forward to hearing your take.

    I know we’re getting ahead of ourselves but I’d like it if you guys could do a “[Pick Up] Basketball Jones” this summer. Discuss strategies, etiquette, sportsmanship, rules, your standard pick-up basketball personalities/players, etc.

  4. Enjoying Tas’ close reading of anatomical moves, “boxing a foot out with your own foot,” but he would work on his cuff game. Compare to TK’s solid mid-arm tucks and things are looking a little sloppy, though I appreciate the Zack Morris throwback look overall.

  5. I hope the Knicks weren’t humbled by the whole funeral clothes hiccup. I’m praying that Novak comes to the arena dressed as The Undertaker and Prigioni arrives as Paul Bearer. That would be glorious.

  6. Needs more pun gun..

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!! F the pun haters!!!!

  7. Please do playoff pun guns

    • Please do not. Count me as one happy to see it gone. Now, on the other hand, if Tas wants to bring back a Playoff edition of Wanker of the Week…

  8. I would touch Chris Paul’s head for a Klondike Bar.

  9. No pun gun? Why?

  10. They bought ‘Hey, hey it’s Saturday’ back on Wednesday nights a few years ago. Didn’t last long.

  11. random note: steph curry needs his own drop. the spicy one was funny at first but it’s a little bit overused now plus it wasn’t designed for him. which doesn’t do him justice.

    (also it’s either a little bit too loud or too long (not sure) but it kinda kills the vibe, always crashing into those poor, unsuspecting sentences… just sayin)

  12. I just realized that “the fix” and “the overdose” totally go with “the score” as drug themed. I feel like these friday shows could be called “the relapse” or maybe “the gateway.” It should be something that shows it’s a kind of transitional phase.

    Been listening for a few years now. Haven’t commented in awhile. Keep up the great work!

  13. Whoops, Stern fooled you and put games on Sunday. I guess some of your previews are going to be a tad more informed than you thought.

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