Things of Note for May 3, 2013


Ballin: It’s not weird that 21 rebounds is Andrew Bogut’s career playoff high, because that’s a lot of rebounds. It is weird, however, that 14 points is the most he’s ever scored in a postseason game because even Toney Douglas has scored 14 points in a playoff game. But Bogut did both of those last night, while adding five blocks, in the Warriors’ closeout Game 6 victory.

Not so much: Well, at least Corey Brewer didn’t go 1-11 from the floor again. Unfortunately for the Nuggs, he did go 1-8 and miss one open shot so badly that it got stuck in the rim, so not too much better really.

Yeezy taught me: Kris Humphries and boisterous personalities from Chicago-based people just don’t mix.

This was not the only sick thing Nate did on the evening.

Checkup: Someone tell me if this is true. It seemed like the Nets played Andray Blatche down the stretch of a must-win playoff game, plus it seems like he actually did OK and that he was at least a moderately-sized reason why they forced a Game 7. Please confirm or deny.

Derpins: Just some classic nonbiased commentary right here.

Reggie Miller loves Mark Jackson so much that he totally forgets no one is allowed to cuss around him.

Checkup 2: While you’re checking that Blatche stuff, please make sure that it’s true that David Lee played a minute-and-a-half last night, 12 days after suffering a torn hip flexor. Can’t be right.

Luck duck: Here is every single one of the nine turnovers the Dubs had in the last eight minutes of their Game 6 win.

Sometimes we say a team is “trying to give the game away” when they miss free throws or take bad shots. This was more of a literal definition, as the Warriors were literally giving the Nuggets the ball on a hilariously huge number of possessions.

Checkup 3: While you are checking those other two things, please look in to Kosta Koufos’ three-point shooting statistics. Supposedly he made his first three ever last night, but he has a foreign sounding name (despite being born in Ohio) so I assume he is lights out from distance.

Other things: MC Hammer was wildin’ out with the Warriors last night … Here is Shaq trying to tackle an invisible graphic … Phil Jackson is advising on the Pistons’ coaching search because he must have literally nothing else to do … Joakim Noah has already made a guarantee for Game 7 … Here’s a pantsless baby walking around a basketball postgame set and no it’s not Shaq for once

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  1. Double dribble by NateRob on that crossover. He gathers the ball with both hands before dashing right by Hump

    • Came here to say this, instead I’ve decided to 2nd your post.

      See if Nate played for the Rockets, he would have covered this subject in practice.

      • We were just discussing that in the studio. I’m not convinced he actually touched the ball with his second hand. It’s sort of impossible to tell from the replays. It was like a damn streetball move.

        • It looked like a double dribble to me too, but I didn’t see Humphries or anyone else make a case to the refs, and they were right there.

        • I was definitely thinking double dribble but then couldn’t decide if he brought his second hand up very sneakily and then didn’t touch it. Tough to see.

        • Are you serious Skeets? Look at the slow motion replay. He clearly gathers the ball in two hands before restarting his dribble.

      • If it wasn’t a double dribble it was a carry. He may not have actually touched with his right hand but he definitely carried with his left.

        • You guys are way too touchy. Nate just passed his right hand underneath the ball. Hump anticipates a jumpshot, and Nate just breezes to the rim. I use it every once in a while. Smooth move, Nate.

          • Ok Stacey King! I just watched it again (video linked above) and on the first replay, I think you can clearly see him full on stop the ball with both hands before going right. It’s all moot anyways but I thought I would chime in because my sensitivities are rustled.

          • Not a double dribble; classic streetball fake


    • totally a double dribble. you can see it at 16-17 seconds in the video above….720p dawg

  2. Koufos is 1-4 in his career for 3pt shooting so that’d put him around Monta Ellis-level.

  3. Kent Bazemore kinda looks like Chance the Rapper… hoping another hip-hop fan can attest to this.

  4. I keep expecting Carlos Boozer’s jaw to detach like a snake when he yells.

  5. i don’t think he touched the ball with his left.. look at the last replay

  6. What you can’t see is just off camera, someone is taunting Shaq with a sandwich.

  7. That Shaq GIF reminds me of the hay-maker swing he took at Brad Miller’s head, back when he was on the Lakers and Miller was on the Bulls.

    • I was at a Mavs game and saw Shaq swing at Shawn Bradley’s head as he was trying to get up off the camera guys. He saw it coming and leaned forward so Shaq had the near miss. I always wondered how long Shaq would’ve been suspended if he connected.

  8. Some great Kevin Harlan calls last night:

    Jarret Jack, dribbling to the hole: “Jack, he found a crack!”
    After Lawson scored, “Lawson! Oh he’s swashbuckling the other way!”
    After Faried scored, “Ahhhh, the Warrior for the Denver Nuggets, Kenneth Faried!”
    End of third, “Curry, his imprints all over the quarter – no distance too long, no challenge too big!”

  9. Trey, could you add a reocurring section in Things of Note for “why i hate reggie miller today”

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