Things of Note for May 3, 2013


Ballin: It’s not weird that 21 rebounds is Andrew Bogut’s career playoff high, because that’s a lot of rebounds. It is weird, however, that 14 points is the most he’s ever scored in a postseason game because even Toney Douglas has scored 14 points in a playoff game. But Bogut did both of those last night, while adding five blocks, in the Warriors’ closeout Game 6 victory.

Not so much: Well, at least Corey Brewer didn’t go 1-11 from the floor again. Unfortunately for the Nuggs, he did go 1-8 and miss one open shot so badly that it got stuck in the rim, so not too much better really.

Yeezy taught me: Kris Humphries and boisterous personalities from Chicago-based people just don’t mix.

This was not the only sick thing Nate did on the evening.

Checkup: Someone tell me if this is true. It seemed like the Nets played Andray Blatche down the stretch of a must-win playoff game, plus it seems like he actually did OK and that he was at least a moderately-sized reason why they forced a Game 7. Please confirm or deny.

Derpins: Just some classic nonbiased commentary right here.

Reggie Miller loves Mark Jackson so much that he totally forgets no one is allowed to cuss around him.

Checkup 2: While you’re checking that Blatche stuff, please make sure that it’s true that David Lee played a minute-and-a-half last night, 12 days after suffering a torn hip flexor. Can’t be right.

Luck duck: Here is every single one of the nine turnovers the Dubs had in the last eight minutes of their Game 6 win.

Sometimes we say a team is “trying to give the game away” when they miss free throws or take bad shots. This was more of a literal definition, as the Warriors were literally giving the Nuggets the ball on a hilariously huge number of possessions.

Checkup 3: While you are checking those other two things, please look in to Kosta Koufos’ three-point shooting statistics. Supposedly he made his first three ever last night, but he has a foreign sounding name (despite being born in Ohio) so I assume he is lights out from distance.

Other things: MC Hammer was wildin’ out with the Warriors last night … Here is Shaq trying to tackle an invisible graphic … Phil Jackson is advising on the Pistons’ coaching search because he must have literally nothing else to do … Joakim Noah has already made a guarantee for Game 7 … Here’s a pantsless baby walking around a basketball postgame set and no it’s not Shaq for once