On Monday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap, preview and predict the NBA Playoffs second round. Topics discussed include: Nova Durant, whether Memphis should use Tony Allen on KD, Kevin Martin’s contributions, not so “free” throws, Hibbert’s defensive presence, Lance Stephenson’s double-double, and the Knicks deciding to go big.

All that, plus LeBron James’ nearly unanimous MVP win, falling in love with strippers/Warriors, and Skinny Girl margaritas.

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  1. Apparently Hibbert took that picture when he was in the Meat packing district in nyc so I’m not shocked by it.

  2. Spurs in 5
    Heat in 6
    Knicks in 7
    Thunder in 7

    Also two all time great Eastern conference rivalries in the semis. I would be more confident in the Thunder if Ibaka could post up. Nevertheless I see them winning.

  3. The skinny girl margarita bit at the end automatically ranks this show as a Kathy Bates…

  4. lmao “I couldn’t fall alseep, every time you said Austin Daye I thought you were talking to me”

  5. Skinny Girl bit. LMAO!!!!

    Sprurs 5
    Heat in 7
    Knicks 7
    Grizz in 6

  6. Warriors in 1.

    Extra words so I can post my comment…done.

  7. Pacers in 6
    Heat in 5
    Spurs in 5
    Grizz in 6

  8. Grandma Lana’s “Oompa!” is now my favorite drop.

    • Okay. I spoke WAY too soon.

      Osten’s Skinny Girl Ad needs to become a drop. I have no idea under what context you would use it, but this is critical.

  9. Expecting a mixup in the second round rankings:

    Skeets (based on sneaky-bitch feel + pacers pick)
    Trey (“Traymond” might be cool GSW-related nickname)
    Leigh (love that spurs in 7 but we all know it’s wrong)
    Tas (sorry, though enjoyed the three quarters baseball look. Sincerely, hard to pull off in modern era)

  10. Deron Williams got another coach fired, this is madness. Joe Johnson goes 2-13 at home in a game 7… and somehow the coach gets fired? HE MAKES 20.6 MILLION DOLLARS PER SEASON

  11. Miami in 5
    Knicks in 7
    Spurs in 4
    Memphis in 6

  12. Come on fellas, If there’s THREE people with more prediction points than Tas he is placing FOURTH. What is this “third” BS.

  13. You guys are honestly complaining about Kmart getting calls from snapping his head back? Did you watch the series before where harden went to the line about 50 times for just that reason?

  14. Syracuse University has the “stand until the home team scores” at home games in the Carrier Dome. The crowd doesn’t sit at the start of each half until SU scores a FG. Freethrows don’t mean you can sit. It’s interesting

  15. Spurs in 6
    Grizz in 6

    Heat in 6
    Pacers in 5

  16. Heat in five. Pacers in six.
    Grizzlies in six. Warriors in seven.

    Seeding upsets will keep the nation distracted from the Heat’s continued dominance

  17. I miss the youtube vids.

  18. Of course it has to be a fellow Australian to have the testicular fortitude to say WARRIORS IN SEVEN. also heat in 6, knicks in 6, thunder in 7. How we roll down under

  19. was the drop machine broken today, is that why there is a link to the soundboard, are we supposed to play along with the show :)

  20. Woman came into the shop and said she named her daughter Charlotte…
    You said last name…Bobcats?

    pew pew.

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