Things of Note for May 6, 2013


Ballin: 35 points, 15 rebounds, six assists, a steal, two blocks, just three turnovers and one game-winning shot for Kevin Durant, who is awesome. Most surprisingly, those 35 points — which are a lot — are the second-fewest Durant has scored in the five games since Russell Westbrook went down with a knee injury.

Not so much: You know how the Grizzlies have those awesome big guys and how that makes Serge Ibaka hugely important in the Oklahoma City-Memphis series? He went 1-10 and had just five points and five rebounds in nearly 29 minutes of play. But he’s on a team with Billy Ballin over here, so it’s not too big of a deal for one game.

Trilogy: And since this is the third time I’ve mentioned it already, here’s Kevin Durant’s game-winner already geez.

I know you’re thinking that looks like a fast break basket, but that’s only because the Thunder did the smart thing against one of the best defenses in the league — they didn’t call a timeout to let the Grizzers set up their defense, which led to Tayshaun Prince backpedaling the entire time a 6-foot-10 bro with one of the wettest jumpers in the league was coming at him which led to an easy shot for Kevin Durant. Watch it at normal speed if you want. Too easy.

Moving on: Shoutout to the Pacers for going in to New York and taking Game 1 of their series against the Knicks. And shoutout to Lance Stephenson for returning to the court where he won a bunch of high school titles no one cares about, going 5-9 from the field on his way to 11 points, and most especially for grabbing 13 rebounds from the guard spot. I don’t like him very much, but that’s a pretty cool story, bro.

Whoa: These three plays happened on consecutive possessions, but only one of them counted.

Even if only the easiest of the three threes counted — and PG’s catch-and-shoot bomb wasn’t even that easy — still an awesome little sequence.

Zoinks: Oh, and speaking of Paul George, he took 14 shots to score 19 points, turned the ball over four times and fouled out in Game 1 against the Knicks. Lucky for him, Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith combined to shoot 14-43 and score 44 points or there’d be a different terrible star outing people are talking about.

Sample size: Want to watch the title of least clutch player in the Thunder-Grizzlies series opener title switch hands in a matter of seconds? Probably.

Just when you thought Reggie Jackson was going to be Game 1′s goat, Quincy Pondexter steps to the line and steals his horns. Bit of a bummer for the Quincester, but at least he sank a halfcourt buzzer-beater. Maybe he should have shot his first free throw from 40 feet.

Doesn’t jibe: In his last two games against the Hawks, D.J. Augustin scored 13 points on 4-16 shooting. In last night’s Game 1 win, he went 5-6, hit four threes and scored 16 points. The Pacers are really relying on his Bobcats playoff experience — four games, 17 total points, 29 percent shooting — so it’s nice that it finally paid off.

Other things: Mike Woodson is angwy … LeBron James has A LOT of MVPs now but I think Dwyane Wade or Ray Allen stole one … Iman Shumpert’s hair and bowtie will never stop growing … The one person who didn’t vote LeBron as MVP explains what he was thinking … Roy Hibbert tweeted a picture of a woman pooping in the street because it’s 2013

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  1. It seemed like the last 20 OKC plays were “Durant take the ball up the court, shoot a jumper.” and the Grizz could not stop it.

  2. Washburn (Non-Lebron voter) makes a pretty solid argument, I thought.

    The Hibbert photo is one of the reasons I’m not the biggest fan of NYC. I’ve had experiences very similar (or worse) than that on 100% of my trips there.

    • His reasoning, along with other people’s reasoning, is wrong in my opinion. MVP is MVP of the WHOLE LEAGUE, not MVP of one single team. But that’s just me.

      • I started reading it before quickly realizing he just wants publicity.

      • I think it’s dumb that he factored in the Knicks’ failure of the past decade as part of why Melo was more valuable. I don’t like the “value to his particular team” argument if you’re too lazy to hypothetically swap the players you’re considering for a vote. Melo and LeBron playing the same damn position makes the comparison even easier. If you don’t think LeBron couldn’t match or exceed Melo’s impact on the Knicks DO NOT pass whatever you’re smoking. Put it down and check yourself in.

  3. ergonomics of female 1 or 2 may best be left them?

  4. Lance Stephenson winning 4 straight PSAL HS titles is a big thing in NYC considering that he did it at the same HS Stephon Marbury went to (only was able to win 1). It was also how dominant he was in HS because I remember seeing him play in those championship games and it was basically a basketball youtube mixtape for him.

    • i completely agree.. i think it’s awesome when someone who i knew, or played against or saw play in HS goes on to be an NBA player. it’s really cool when announcers talk about it on the air and obviously it’s a big deal to the kids and families of those kids from that school. i think trey is grouchy because he hates the pacers (or maybe i’m just an overly sensitive pacers fan), so anytime he can use this forum for belching out grouchy things (that smell like cool ranch doritos tacos washed down with baja blast) about them, he takes advantage

  5. so… Durantula celebrates his go-ahead shot with the bench… and the first person scott brooks gives a fistbump is: Derk Fisher.
    He does really like him -.-

  6. “Billy Ballin over here…” Great, now I’m gonna be looking like a lunatic, laghuing out of nowhere about this in the middle of a meeting.

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