LeBron James won another MVP, as is tradition, ergo Nike hooked him up with some special MVP shoes, as is tradition. These bad riders are the LeBron X “What the MVP” edition, his fourth such MVP shoe and easily the craziest thing we’ve seen on his feet. Just look at these things.


Maybe I am miscounting, but I see 7,500 different colors on these. There are so many colors that if someone asked you what color they were, you might say purple, but you’d probably say, “All of them, I guess.” And you’d kind of be right. It’s like Nike challenged themselves to make the craziest looking version of this shoe that they possibly could — which is basically true for the Swoosh’s long-running “What The” series that started with some Dunks back in 2007 and which has shown up on shoes for Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and even some one-off versions of LeBron’s last signature shoe that were just for LeBron and his buds — and succeeded. Even the laces are different colors. Even the lace locks are different colors.

After putting on these wild shoes for his celebration, LeBron couldn’t stop looking at them and went 1-6 in the first half of last night’s Game 1 loss to the Chicago Bulls. He promptly changed in to a more sedate pair of the Nike LeBron X Elite and scored 22 of his 24 points after the switch, leading ESPN’s SportsNation to literally ask fans “Was it the shoes?” that led to LeBron’s excellent second half, to which the fans responded, “Nope.” Smart fans.

The shoes will be hitting retail, but Nike’s website has no details other than that they “will be available in limited quantities at select retailers” and that they’re coming out “soon.” Suffice it to say, these are going to be expensive and hard to get your hands on. But on the plus side, if you do, you’re getting like 40 different shoes out of the deal. That’s a lot of bang for the buck, not to mention two different lace locks.

More shots after the jump.

lebron-x-what-the-mvp-front lebron-x-what-the-mvp-back lebron-x-what-the-mvp-left-outside lebron-x-what-the-mvp-left-inside lebron-x-what-the-mvp-right-inside lebron-x-what-the-mvp-tongue lebron-x-what-the-mvp-lace-lock lebron-x-what-the-mvp-collar lebron-x-what-the-mvp-inside-tongue lebron-x-what-the-mvp-other-lace-lock lebron-x-what-the-mvp-embossed-swoosh lebron-x-what-the-mvp-soles

(Shouts to SoleCollector’s Nick DePaula for helping with the “What The” backstory.)

Comments (14)

  1. Unless this is some ingenious way of getting rid of leftover shitty materials from Nike’s inventory, these are a colossal waste

  2. Ya, make up your mind on some type of pattern/color scheme……it’s too much

  3. I could shit better shoes than that.

  4. Those are amazing, Lebron shoes are a little too much but this color is great

  5. man i really wanna buy them, but if i buy em i will ball in em and that will be a travesty

  6. Whoa, I actually like these a lot. way cooler than most shoes these players come out with.

  7. Man! Shoes back in the days had design! These dumbass brands get away with just a messed up coloring every damn year. Pathetic, really. Remember when Jordans actually came with only two colors on them, but a kickass design? I miss those days…

  8. From the same people who produced this?
    Certainly seems that way.
    And not in a good sense.

  9. these shoes make me puke.. whoever went nuts on Nike ID should be without a job soon

  10. So sober, these shoes…

  11. Either I can’t see through the sarcasm or I have to give props to those actually admitting they like this.

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