This is David Stern at LeBron James’ MVP trophy presentation last night.


And this is David Stern usually.

Either he has been so busy with the playoffs that he hasn’t had a chance to stop by the salon, has a “Mad Men” cameo in the next few weeks or is just going through something right now and wants to try something new. No matter the explanation, pretty slick look. Literally.

Comments (9)

  1. He should be fined!

  2. when in miami…

  3. Alternate headline: ‘Is David Stern is costume or not?, part 1′

  4. This is madness, one can’t make such sudden changes to his appearance in the NBA. I expect a hefty fine.

  5. David should see the dentist. Those teeth are stunningly yellow.

  6. biggest ear lobes in the league…

  7. He is just getting in character for his next career… Mafia Lawyer.

  8. Might as well look the part of evil

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