Ep. 981: No Fear

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown last night’s two fantastic NBA playoff games: the thrilling Spurs-Warriors and the semi-shocking Heat-Bulls. Topics discussed include: Curry’s ridiculous third quarter, the Spurs’ comeback, Jarrett Jack’s late-game defense, Manu, Nate Robinson’s moxie, the rusty Heat, Ironman Jimmy Butler, and Wade’s “I’m scoreless in the fourth quarter” shot.

All that, plus Kent Bazemore’s Kent Bazemore, Screaming Lady Spurs Fan, LeBron’s weird MVP shoes, Commissioner Stern’s slick ‘do, lip balm, and No fear t-shirts.

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  1. why does the picture say “881″?

  2. Tassy, better cuff game today, but that shirt’s got to go altogether even though they remade Tron. Trey: nice move, but we’re enemies in this series.

  3. Why the hell am I still up doing work when you guys are on???

    from Melbourne, Australia BTW.

    See you later in the morning gents!

  4. Great show as usual but in my opinion you should care about dolphins.

  5. Scott Machado sounds like Karate Kid or something!!!! LOL

  6. LeBron used to shoot free throws like that occasionally when he was on the Cavs. In my observation it’s some odd combination of him becoming acutely aware of himself in a third-person sense during that moment and him trying to be showy. Even though it does look exactly like the Allen mechanics I don’t attribute it to that, more so his being self conscious.

    I think those free throws were shot like that simply because of the award ceremony, as funny as it sounds. You saw the pre-championship LBJ on the line in that moment. Highly highly doubt we will see it again unless the bulls keep commanding the series.

  7. The Stephen Curry show reminds me of Jimmer Fredette when he was at BYU. Once he steps on the logo, it’s Code Red for the defense. Great, great stuff to watch. But MAN, the Warriors really know how to fall apart in the 4th. They just stood around picking their noses while Parker drove for, what, 4 layups in a row with 18 remaining on the shot clock each time?

  8. Can you please end every show with Trey giggling maniacally as you go off the air? That was incredible.

    • Trey’s maniacal giggle is the MVP of TBJ. Anytime a joke bombs or is mediocre, you can count on Trey’s laugh to make you think it was the funniest thing in the world.

  9. good games, good show, good vibes, good times

    matt osten stole the show near the end there

  10. That quote bombed Tas.

  11. I really like the show – usually…Especially since most of the time it brings a lot of info, opinions, comments – on or off the court.
    However, I could not believe on today’s fix when commenting on Spurs-Warriors game, not mentioning practically once…the Spurs (except for the funny Pop comment in the conf press or that Kawhi might have slowed down Curry). No problem with praising Curry’s show – even I as a fan not only of the Spurs but of basketball, couldn’t believe what he was doing – absolutely unreal/spectacular and a joy (or pain if you’re on the other side…) to watch. But maybe, just maybe…maybe just 1% the Spurs had also something to do with the comeback?
    I “like” how Tas mentioned all the referee’s errors or GSW players’ missed assignments…but nothing about Spurs’ execution, screens to free up those shooters, poise, the actual result which was a first in NBA history (http://bleacherreport.com/tb/dam6q?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=san-antonio-spurs),
    coaching, etc. Everything you had to say was about GSW or the referees.
    Funny though – Mark Jackson – gave more respect to the Spurs (while admitting his team made mistakes) and not once mentioning a bad call.
    I assumed you guys were/should be impartial when commenting a game…well, I think I might have been wrong.

    Keep it up. Cheers!

  12. I thought maybe you’d have a Grandma Lana call on this pod, but then I remembered, she probably didn’t stay up to watch the game.

    That’s right, #ShotsFired.

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