Things of Note for May 7, 2013


Ballin: Stephen “Fastest Rising Star” Curry went for 44 points, 11 assists, four rebounds and two steals last night, almost sinking the Spurs with his long range shooting exploits and general fieriness. However…

Not so much: … we also have to mention that Steph didn’t score from the 5:33 mark in the fourth quarter until the 1:15 mark in the first overtime, which is exactly when the Spurs went on their game-saving 16-0 run to tie things. Then Steph didn’t score again until the 1:00 mark in the second overtime when he hit two free throws, which by the way were the only attempts he had on the night despite his team needing any sort of scoring to stop the Spurs from an amazing comeback.

Screen-the-screener: Want to know how you get two wide-open threes with less than three seconds on the game clock? Set a pick, then pick for the guy who just set the pick.

Then do it again.

On the first play, Jarrett Jack didn’t switch until it was too late. On the second play, Jarrett Jack did switch but Harrison Barnes didn’t. I’m not sure what the defense was supposed to do, but I’m pretty sure it’s neither of those things, unless the Warriors are really in to giving up wide-open threes when the opposing team needs them most, which it kind of seems like they are.

Quick question: Was last night, even though there were only two games, the best night of the NBA season? I think that it maybe was, but I’d like to hear your opinion.

This guy: Nate Robinson got his face smashed again, then had to have 10 stitches in his upper lip, so of course he owned another fourth quarter because I guess that is how this postseason is going to go.

27 points, nine assists, three rebounds, a steal and just three turnovers for Nate, who also scored eight of the the Bulls’ final 11 points and assisted on the other three. The Bulls are now 2-0 this postseason in games where Nate Robinson gets his head rammed in to the floor, whether by body or foot, which is a strategy they may want to continue to pursue.

Iron Man 3: Jimmy Butler played all 48 minutes last night, which is outstanding in and of itself. However, it’s even more amazing because that is the third straight game Butler has played without a second of rest. Someone is going to need to rub his legs. (Oh yeah, he also had 21 points and 14 rebounds while splitting his time guarding Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, so an OK game for JimBut, I’d say.)

Angles: Here’s a play that was weird to watch.

Neither Norris Cole nor Marco Bellinelli got an assist for this, but I kind of feel like each of them should have got a half. If they fail to meet contract incentives because of that, I’ll happily represent each of these gentlemen in a court of law. P.S. You don’t need a license to practice law anymore, right? Asking for a friend.

Tip Top Tailors: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade scored 38 points on 15-33 shooting. The remaining Heat went for 48 points on 16-45 shooting.

Other things: Manu Ginobili’s legs must feel fine because this was a nice dunk … Shaq beat Chuck in a three-point contest on “Inside the NBA” by being the first to knock in a three, which he did on his first attempt, which is cool because he made one in his entire NBA career … Marco Bellinelli was fined $15,000 for his big balls dance in Game 7 … Of course Nate Robinson dribbled through a defender’s legs while being trapped, he’s Nate Robinson … I’m sure no one will give LeBron any slack for this airballed little jumper whilst down four, oh wait nevermind