If you think this is annoying, you should see the fake Twitter account. No thanks to both.

(via FTW)

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  1. had to turn off the tv after hearing that.

  2. I HATED THIS WOMAN. i pity the people who had to sit near her during the game.

  3. This reminded me of a kings fan that did a similar thing earlier this season

  4. Even Funnier The Second Time Around

  5. Must be some murderer taking his chance while the crowd is going bonkers, poor woman!

  6. That woman was so annoying. Last night’s game was so exciting yet I almost considered turning it off (I guess muting it would’ve been a good compromise) because her screaming was so grating to my ears.

  7. gotta support the team

  8. Correction please: that’s a seagull.

  9. I think I might be the only one who actually likes this lady.

    Sure it was slightly irritating at first, but then it just seemed to make the game that much more intense and made me wish I was there in the arena where people were literally going bonkers lol.

    Not good if she was there every game, but for one game, that was amazing.

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