On Wednesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown last night’s two games: Knicks-Pacers and Thunder-Grizz. Topics discussed include: Mike Conley’s bounce-back performance, Tony Allen on Durant, offensive rebounds, Marc Gasol’s hot feet, Vogel’s timeout, Pablo Prigioni’s early fourth quarter, Shump’s put-back dunk, ball pressure, and whether Spike Lee tucked in his John Starks jersey for Tas.

All that, plus slow-mo spit, rally towels, Lenny Kravitz, and London’s weather.

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  1. Any word on THE rumor- phil jackson moving to Toronto???

  2. You guys have to include Matt Osten’s stories from the Blank Jones about the two towel performance and, I think, his grandfather’s birthday party. These ones are gold!

  3. 1) Do the 1000th show in JD’s house.
    2) Make it a video show with a 3 on 3 game:
    Teem Skeets:
    Matty O
    Teem Tas:
    JD’s kids
    JD’s wife.


  5. Going off on a Lenny Kravitz tangent was pretty fucking amazing, keep those tangents up!

  6. THE LIN-SHAKE (or the Lin Report in general)

  7. gotta do “sources”

  8. def the raps those were good

  9. Three great moments that came to mind were Tas talking about airplane farts, Matty-O talking about Brown’s and the video with Big Baby.

  10. The Leigh Ellis Jones was pretty spectacular from start to finish

  11. I want Roxana interviewed about her side of the Leigh Ellis wooing

  12. book off payoff never happened! CMON

  13. 1000th show should definitely be at the Moo Milk Bar. Would be some great cross promotion and could pull in a crowd.

    At the very least you guys should do a Blank Jones there this summer.

  14. holy hell that was a funny show today

  15. - the Russell Westbrook skit where you guys said “Definitely” a hundred times
    - the time when you were discussing Leigh Ellis TOTW for the first time creating the jingle
    - the time you guys did the comedy show and got boo’d
    - the first episode…I wanna hear that one

  16. Best of the blank jones

  17. For the big 1000, you HAVE TO play Tas’ version of iko iko with a Darko twist (starts with “my grandma…..”). The episode this season where you all listed your favourite Darko moments was the first time I heard it and it was hilarious.

  18. How do ATMs work.

  19. Its not showing up on itunes

  20. Some audio from the episode where Tas called in drunk, some more info about the bank job jones, another review or viral video of the heel lock [I actually need to execute it now that I have become aware of the looseness when I run]. Also I need to get off my chest that whenever Matt gives a judgment on some aspect of culture I have this perverse desire that his greatest hero has an unforgivable fall from grace, Yahweh forgive me.

  21. 1.
    You have a way better version of louis c.k. sitting in your booth there.
    Mister J to the D!
    Please give him some speaking time….please.
    He is so rarely heard in the show. Let him dig out some old unheard tbj anecdotes.

    And you owe us actual videofootage of you guys playing the game you are talking about every day and for a few years now.
    I wanna see Trey ‘gasolin’, Leigh doing his best bird jumpshot impression, melas executing a beautiful reverse layup after doing 4 steps, matt just dribbling the ball,….

    • The last thing JD wants to do is actually talk on this podcast.

      • Future Blank Jones Idea: The (Jason Doyle) Jones

        Since JD doesn’t want to talk, each Joneser should take turns answering questions (a la Leigh Ellis Jones) according to what they think JD would say.

  22. Don’t know if its possible, but I would love to hear that VM you guys got from “Nate Robinson” back in the day again. The one where he talks about him and J.R. Smith getting into a scuffle.

  23. Kenny smith’s “gimme some raptor news”, you have to narrite that moment for sure for 1000th.

  24. What is the deal with the playoff scheduling:

    SA-GS: 4 games in 6 nights
    MIA-CHI: 4 games in 7 nights
    MEM-OKC: 4 games in 8 nights
    IND-NY: 4 games in 9 nights

    Is SA being punished for their resting shenanigans earlier in the year? Are they trying to keep a major market (NY) team in play for as long as possible (zero LA teams)? Zero games on 5/9 and only one game on 5/12.

    I think this is a huge disadvantage for SA and possibly Curry, who probably still has a bad ankle.

  25. Matty-O, tell us how you really feel about Lenny Kravitz?

    • Totally on board with Matt re: Kravitz, especially the faecal “Fly Away”. Blatant slowed-down rip-off of STP’s Army Ants, only with a drum track. Embarrassing for everyone involved.

  26. Transmorphers
    Matty O’s two-towel performance
    Drunk Tas (either on the show, or as Gary)
    Glen Davis/Hedo video
    Skeets interviewing on street with Tas in his ear (Gloryhole comment)
    Cold calling

  27. Tas in a shark costume, reference to Pretty Ricky being a poor mans JT, like a Bosh, box out kid, Skeets singing Dancing Qeen and of course anything Leigh Ellis has ever said.

  28. Can we have a compilation of Trey giggling? Him losing it is probably the funniest, happiest sound in the universe.

  29. Skeets needs to convince Matty-O about how great “Rad” is…..for the 1000th show.

    Great show guys.. pissing myself at the office listening to this. Great warm up for the (hopefully upcoming) blank joneses.
    As an accountant, i think the numbers may be skew-if today… but my boss is away, so meh.

  30. More like farting bowels

  31. I’ve been listening since the 700s and my favorite TBJ moment is, collectively, every time the Rounders Update music has had to be played a second time.

  32. There’s a red house over yonder.

  33. actually, just pop a monitor, a VHS player and a lazy boy in the studio, pop in that ’87 all star game and let the camera roll!!!

  34. For 1000 episode you need to talk about Tas dancing with Big Baby

  35. Matty O was on fire! though it quickly deteriorated into nonsense. good stuff all around. funny ep.

  36. #FREE_JD!

    So let him talk about how fucked up he is that people want him to talk despite the fact that this is the last thing he wants to do on the show.

    #comedygold #LouisJ.D.

  37. a reply of some of Tas’ accents from his bookoff loss a couple of months ago. That show was hilarious. His British/Australian accent is so weird but the tangent he went off on about crumpets or scones or something when he was supposed to be describing a game of basketball was amazing.

  38. Did you guys get a phone call from David Thorpe in the early days? I have a vague memory of that happening. Would be cool to hear that again, I love listening to him talk hoops.

    Any of the stuff from all star weekends past would be great to revisit as well.

  39. Not sure if anyone’s already suggested it but I’d love to hear a tribute or callback or something to the episode Tas called in drunk (from a cottage?). Heck get Tas drunk again and do a show. It was pre 50th episode I think. Anyways you guys have been great for these past 980 eps.

    Also just a side note you guys made a audio compilation tribute to the best moments from your first 50 (or 100) eps if you had a link to that I’d love to hear it.

  40. Did Tas just sign off this episode by saying that eating healthy means less penis in the anus?

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