Ep. 983: All Even


On Thursday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown last night’s two games: Heat-Bulls and Spurs-Warriors. Topics discussed include: Aggressive LeBron, whether Taj Gibson will be fined and/or suspended, Miami’s C+C Point Guard Factory, slick passes, fronting Boozer, Klay Thompson’s ridiculous second quarter, San Antonio going small, and Pop’s improved mid-quarter sideline interviews.

All that, plus “Die Hard,” counting to a thousand, French miniature golf, Usher, what we’ll do with no games on tonight, and new nicknames for LeBron’s angry face and the Curry-Thompson duo.

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  1. Klay has the face of one of those old 18th century knight portraits.

  2. Pun gun tomorrow since no game talk?

  3. What’s wrong with iTunes? Haven’t been able to download yesterday’s show and this one won’t show up as well

  4. Neither today’s show or yesterdays show are showing up on iTunes mobile.

  5. I bet Stephan Jackson would be really helpfull with that perimeter D on Klay tho.

  6. Trey, super ill-advised shirt, but respect for bringing it Kitana style to the blowout. Pacers/Grizz looks seem like biggest threat to the heat. Time to go with Battier lineup.

  7. One of the funniest episodes in a while, Skeets doing that skittles line slayed me

  8. I think the point Leigh was trying to make is that in a chippy game like this, Scott Fosters actions (A la Joey Crawford) don’t settle the game down at all.
    Like it’s completely counter productive, once the refs start taking over like that, you see the players emotions bubble over. So in their misguided attempt to cool the game down, they only stoke the fire.
    And I agree, let things calm down themselves, over TV breaks and substitutions.

  9. We need an NBA All-Baby Face team. Who joins Steph and John Henson?

  10. You know something crazy? Warriors won the championship in 1975. I was born in 1980, since then, all the great moments we’ve had:

    The Sleepy Floyd game in ’87
    Upsetting the Jazz in ’89
    The Run TMC team in ’91
    The We Believe team in ’07

    All of those teams lost in the second round in five games. Either the curse continues and this year’s team loses in 5. Or, if we win just one more game, it’ll officially be the furthest the Warriors have ever gone in my lifetime!

  11. I always refer to LeBron’s stoneface as his Tiki Face. Just stoic, unmoving, intimidating.

  12. For Lebron’s angry face why not call it the the “Dialed In” face cause he’s just dialed in the game and goes to work.

    And for Klay and Steph how about the baby face assassins. Cause their both very babyface looking .

    Great Show gentlemen. Back 2 Back great endings with Leigh talking random stuff. Always puts a smile on my face.

  13. 1) I have counted to 1,000
    2) Favorite Lenny Kravitz song – It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over
    3) Splash Brothers. Kid and Klay is cool, but this team is a FAMILY
    4) Lebron’s stoneface = Weirwood Face?

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  15. Peace to Leigh Ellis for not liking that piece of shit Adam Levine either. Props to you

  16. Let’s see how far this goes


    • 2

      (I bet it stalls out around 7 but should be fun)

      • Why don’t we make it a challenge and add a player, past or present, with that uniform number? at least for the first 99 so 1 – Derrick Rose. 2 – Alex English..

        3 – Allen Iverson

  17. 4 – Nate Rob NYK

    shout out to Leigh for his office reference at the end, that was talked over…” i always pisspronunciate my worms” CLASSIC!

  18. 5 – Big Shot Bob

    shout out to the best clutch player of all time (and still holds the Finals record for most steals in a game)…

  19. Isn’t it time to bust out a Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk nickname for Lebron? I mean he’s usually pretty mild mannered and can take you apart with just his raw talent, like Banner using the old noggin.’ But as we all know, as do opposing teams, you have to be careful not to make him bring out that stone face. You have to be careful not to make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…

  20. Whenever I hear Neal mentioned on the the broadcast, I mutter to myself, “Rrrrreeealll deaaaall neeeeal!’
    Thanks Leigh, your the best.

  21. Klay has one of the most incredible shooting forms. It’s complete textbook and a beauty to see.

  22. happy for JD’s Archer night! hope you enjoyed it. Archer’s become my second favorite thing on tv all-time (with mad men being 1st and I guess the wire 3rd) and this season was especially awesome. by now I even have a soft spot for that whole archer+lana thing, to the point where I honestly want them to be together – even though it’s a freakin’ CARTOON, based on people kinda hating each other.

    as for episode 1000: by now no one’s gonna read this comment anyway and whichever behind-the-scenes story you’ll eventually tell – I’m really looking forward to it!

  23. Those 4 swaying dudes were lost aggies who thought they were watching a football game at Kyle Field in College Station, no doubt about it.

    For the 1000th show, you should do a marathon show (maybe a 2 or 3 parter) with the 1000 best moments of the Jones (including blank jones). Think about it, it would be epic, Trey would get to show off his counting to 1000 skills….

  24. How come no iTunes for this or the last show? For the whole playoffs they have been going up really late ( sometimes the night of the show, sometimes the next day.). Then by the time they are on, the series may be on the next game and there is no reason to listen to them. Hope you guys find a way to put all your shows on iTunes, and would be awesome if they went on pretty soon after you finished. I like to listen to you guys on 1.5 speed and you can’t do that on the website so now you guys all sound slow and kinda stoned.

  25. Taj and especially Noah got tossed on purpose so they didn’t need to stay out there, even on the bench. That’s not the refs’ fault.

    Steve Kerr’s gigantic pro-Bulls bias on the call coloured people’s opinion of this one. There were probably less questionable calls in this game than usual, but Kerr raved about a goaltending call (which was not goaltending) and that travel call as if the refs were the reason the Bulls were 40 points down.

    Complaining about a referee’s gestures? Gimme a break.

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