Things of Note for May 9, 2013


Ballin: 34 points, including 8-9 from three, for Klay Thompson, who set his career-high in Golden State’s series-evening Game 2 win. I don’t even care that he only scored five of those points in the second half and that he didn’t score at all in the fourth quarter. Eight threes is pretty persuasive.

Not so much: The Bulls lost by 37, which is the worst playoff loss in franchise history. Now I know how the 1998 Utah Jazz felt after Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Bleck.

Angry Bulls: Want to see two-thirds of the Bulls’ big man rotation go nuts and get kicked out of a game? Sure, you do.

Easily the most F-words I’ve seen in that quick of succession since “Blue Velvet.” Probably a few more coming once Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson get their inevitable fines.

Top to bottom: All 13 Heat players played in last night’s blowout, and all but three of them made at least 50 percent of their shots. Shame on you, Shane Battier, James Jones and Joel Anthony, for ruining a good thing.

Shmancy: Even though he was probably preparing for his own game and didn’t see this play, I’m sure Mark Jackson would appreciate this LeBron James pass.

A solid 19-5-9 game for LeBron, who started things off by going 6-6 in the opening quarter while just generally reminding the Bulls there’s a reason so many people were surprised they won Game 1.

Iman Slumpert: The San Antonio Spurs finished the season ranked fourth in three-point shooting percentage, while the Golden State Warriors ended up leading the league in three-point attempts allowed. Ergo, San Antonio’s 5-21 mark (23.8 percent) from last night, which featured no fewer than four bricks on wide-open looks, might turn around in Game 3. If not, Bad News Bears (Walter Matthau) for the Spurs.

Hello: “Hi, I’m Chris Andersen.” — Chris Andersen in this clip, probably

Personally, this was a little too close for comfort. Not to mention, that face reminded me a little too much of Norman Bates’ at the end of “Psycho,” which means I’ve yet to go to sleep because I don’t want the Bird to get me.

Whipping boy: Weird night for Marco Belinelli, who drew a technical foul on Dwyane Wade, who threw the ball at him, and a flagrant foul on Chris Andersen, who bodychecked him. Belly also went 4-13 on his way to just 13 points, which unfortunately led the Bulls in scoring, because nothing went right.

Other things: Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh both missed open dunks last night, but they didn’t end up leading to a miraculous Bulls comeback (shoutout to C.J. Watson) so they’re not online … Oh, you know, just a one-legged running three from Stephen Curry … And here he is scoring on pretty much all of the Spurs … Festus Ezeli got a tech for jumping in the air … Photo up top via USA Today

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  1. Does Klay also get the same light up sneakers as Curry when he is hitting 3′s like he did last night?

  2. No love for Vladdy averaging 9 points, 100 fg%, 2 steals and 1 assist in just 10 minutes in the playoffs?

  3. If I sat next to the visitor player tunnel in CHI, I would print such a HUGE lifesize poster/sign of that MIA fingerflipper lady to wave at Heat players in game 3.

  4. Not sure what’s funnier: a news channel asking on Twitter to contact them if anyone knows the middle finger woman, or the number of retweets with some variation of “snitchin’” in the response.

  5. How could you not shout out Nate Rob’s through the legs dribble on Chris Bosh??

  6. Top picture is one of the many reasons why I hate upper class white women. I think people forget that athletes are, indeed, real human beings sometime.

    • Hey, I totally agree with the sentiment. But there’s a difference between white women with class, and rich white women with no class. I really think people like that should be banned from future games.

      • There was NOTHING classy about this “woman”. This “woman” has also been married 4 times. 3 ended in divorce, 1 she was accused of murdering. This chick is obviously insane. And from Florida.

    • ‘Top picture is one of the many reasons why I hate upper class white women.”

      Because they’re the only ones who are mean to athletes.

    • FWIW, Joakim Noah’s mother is an upper class white woman. So maybe don’t be so quick to “hate” entire groups of people based on gender, race and or socio-economic status.

      The woman in the photo is probably an abhorrent bitch. But you just sound ridiculous.

  7. The game was already over at that point (Miami played basically a perfect game for 3 quarters, kudos to them), but the slew of shitty calls leading to the two ejections can’t be overlooked.

    Happily, it didn’t affect the outcome of the game, but referees taking the spotlight in a game like that and compromising the sport should be fired on the spot. The NBA should be ashamed.

  8. can the league publish a retraction on bad technicals like it sometimes does with no-calls in tight situations? because if players can get fined for flopping (which i support), referees should get fines for issuing technical fouls that make absolutely no fucking sense.

  9. you stay classy miami. stay classy.

  10. I’m OK with taunting players but, unless it’s in an effort to get a high five, fans need to keep themselves on the other side of the railing. Should not be allowed to put your hands in someone’s face like that.

  11. it’s pretty hilarious to hear Steve Kerr pretend to be non-biased when calling a Bulls game, solid entertainment

    • “Clearly a goaltend” clearly it wasn’t.

      “Frustrated at the bad calls” frustrated at being 40 points down.

      To hear Steve Kerr and Tom Thibodeau tell it, they would totally have won that game if not for the evil referees. And the referees were clearly power-mad to give technicals to Noah and Gibson when they practically held up signs saying “please give us technicals and eject us so we can get off the court already”.

  12. this was the worst basketball game in the entire history of “Shit That Sucks”

  13. That was not goaltending bro.

  14. Remember when mom used to make that face at us?!

  15. Don’t kid yourself fellas. We would all hit that crazy lady.

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