In his last three sideline interviews, Gregg Popovich has explained how and when the Spurs decide to double team the post, asked for a follow-up question and then this, where he legitimately makes a joke about strategy during a playoff game his team was losing. Either the script done been flipped or this is the end times. Either way, someone hold me.

(via Oskar Jamtander)

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  1. On the other hand, Thibs had a very Pop-like interview with Craig Sager last night.

  2. Getting his Nelly game on.

  3. In which Pop speaks more words than he has in all of this season’s sideline interviews combined…

  4. Pop likes DA. Plus, DA asks far better questions than Sager, so not as open to Pop’s usual evisceration.

    • Totally. DA gets respect around the league, from players and coaches. Sager on the other hand gets as much respect as he deserves… which is none. Sager is a knob-end, and a large one at that.

  5. It’s the Sager factor. Staring into that whirling abyss of mis-matched patterns and bright primary colours would put anyone in a bad mood.

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