This is how you know you’ve made it — when the NBA tailors one of their current ad campaign’s ads to you because you’ve been playing so well and doing such amazing things that they just can’t help but promote you. That’s legit baller status. I haven’t been this proud since Joakim Noah got his own “Where Will Amazing Happen?”. Way to go, Nate.

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  1. So tbj and dimemag take turns stealing content from each others websites?

  2. As a Knicks fan I cant not love this. Still pullin for Nate-Rob and for a plague of locusts on the house of Dantoni.

  3. I still hate the fact that lebrons’ Where will amazing happen’ game winner against Orlando in 09 aired literally 60 secs after he hit that shot. That’s a little ridiculous.

  4. Always liked Nate Rob, but this post season he’s gaining my respect to a whole new level

  5. Great Commercial gotta love Nate-Rob! Love the Stacey and Chuck on the call there too.

  6. Stoked for the little guy. Has always played with unparalleled passion and great to see he has matured with coah tippy toes. Hopefully he gets paid for the great way he represents the league in his next contract

  7. This is or was a commercial for lebron. Either some fan replaced all the lebron shots with nate shots. And even superimposed the TV shots too.. Or the NBA considers Nate Robinson to be a greater commodity than Lebron James now.

  8. 2013 Nate Robinson = 2011 JJ Barea?

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