On Friday’s episode of “The Fix” x “The Overdose,” The Jones discuss surprising and disappointing NBA Playoff storylines, select their All-NBA, All-Defensive and All-Rookie Teams, wonder whether George Karl deserved Coach of the Year, pitch Phil Jackson on Toronto, and talk moms.

All that, plus crepes, circumcisions, and an epic Rounders softball update.

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  1. The pronunciation of ‘crêpes’ has go to be the one french word that’s been butchered the most by the english language. Makes me cringe every time. And I’m not even remotely french.

    • I’m surprised you can even talk Sebby

      • Grapes?crap?
        What is wrong with you americans/australians/canadians?
        are you serious?
        this is how you pronounce it?!
        even we here in germany pronounce it correctly!
        it is a short E not a broad aaawsome A!

  2. JR Smith has been really disappointing. Last year in the playoffs he was terrible and since the Terry elbow he’s just been off. Woodson was talking about decreasing his minutes. Not good for him in a contract year.

  3. Where was the pungun for “how can you be so harkless?” To quote the philosopher Jalen Rose- “you’ve got to give the people what they want!”

  4. 3-4-5 triangle is the best

  5. Remember how Jerry Sloan never won a Coach of the Year award?

  6. For the 1000th show, you should do a marathon show (maybe a 2 or 3 parter) with the 1000 best moments of the Jones (including blank jones). Think about it, it would be epic, Trey would get to show off his counting to 1000 skills….

  7. Great show guys. My pick for Most Improved Player would be JJ Hickson. After being waived by the Kings, turned into a double double machine with the Blazers while playing out of position all season. Jerry Sloan was robbed of Coach of the Year. Any coach who gets to the NBA finals twice with Greg Ostertag as you center is a genius.

    • J.J. is a good pick, as is Vasquez. I didn’t think about it because his numbers aren’t that much improved from his Cleveland days, but looking at where he was last year with Sacramento, this year has been an incredible turn around and fits better with what the MIP should be.

  8. My favorite triangle would have to be the Bermuda Triangle.

  9. It kinda sucks that you guys have the 1000th episode right in the middle of the playoffs. Maybe when the season ends, have a big blank jones with a real celebration and best moments.

  10. 1000th show should be a “batting 1000 show” with shoutouts to shows where you never missed a pitch. Perfect shows revisited. When your picks to win games were both correct, your predictions for playoff teams perfect. etc….

  11. Trey is RIGHT! KRAFT mac and cheese is WAYYYYYYYYYY OVERRATED

  12. That crêpe looks delicious

  13. Not showing on Itunes for me

  14. Okay here is my All nba, Def and rookies

    all nba 1st team
    c Duncan
    pf James
    sf Durant
    sg Kobe
    pg Paul

    sf Melo

    pg) Holiday

    All Def


    All Rookie

  15. You guys really need to talk about how the fan that got in Noah’s face was suspected of murdering her husband.

  16. For the 1,000 show, I think you guys should discuss all the musical numbers that the team has thought up (Tas’s Darko song, Matty O’s Dark Room song from the Hangover Jones, Leigh rapping, Christmas album, etc.). Great laughs from those moments. Congrats on 1,000 and hoping for many more to come!

  17. thought this show was a Beckinsale for sure

  18. Top shelf show. Finally some Kraft Dinner talk. Too much fun (nice oblique slam, to continue the triangle talk). Shirts, on the other hand, way too bro-y.

  19. None of the last three shows have shown up on itunes. I normally download straight to my iPhone.

    • I was having the same problem until I subscribed to the show via the podcast app. Then I went to the TBJ section in my library and hit the refresh button at the top of the screen. The new eps then showed up for me.

  20. Man things really deteriorated quickly at the end of the show there.

    Every time I heard the ascending chime of the Rounders Theme Music starting up again, I freaking cried from laughing.

  21. Thunder are going to “shock the world” if you can still call it that

  22. Hey guys – the feed is still messed in iTunes for mobile phones.

    Noticed in the last couple shows’ comments I’m not the only one with an issue.

  23. So Matt’s Mom keeps her son’s foreskin in a glasframe beside his 8th grade picture hanging on the wall in the living room?
    did i get this right?

  24. Why is Matt so freaking hilarious? You should enter comedy or tv or something, man.

  25. I think that basketball fans are intelligent and they should be allowed to participate in the management process of team, just like http://basketball-united.com.

  26. I thought a member of the TBJ Army got suspended or something? We didn’t get the story – this is some Benghazi bullshit.

  27. All NBA Teams
    1st – Marc, Bron, Durant, Kobe, Paul
    2nd – Lopez, Duncan, Melo, Harden, Westbrook
    3rd – Noah, Lee, George, Curry, Parker

    1st – Gasol, Duncan, Bron, Allen, Bradley
    2nd – Noah, Ibaka, George, Iggy, Paul

    1st – Lillard, Davis, Drummond, Beal, Waiters
    2nd – Barnes, MKG, Valanciunas, Copeland, Nicholson/Harkless

    • All NBA Teams
      1st – CP3,Kobe,LBJ,Durantula,Duncan
      2nd – Westbrook,Parker,Harden (cheating him in as a 3),Melo,Marc Gasol
      3rd – Curry,Wade,Griffin,Aldridge,Lopez

      1st – Allen,Iggy,George,James,Marc Gasol
      2nd – CP3,Sefolosha,Deng,Ibaka,Noah

      (Bradley misses because he didn’t play enough games).

      1st – Lillard, Beal,Barnes,Davis,Valanciunas
      2nd – Waiters,MKG,Copeland,Henson,Drummond

  28. “I think some one is talking about personal experience!” Is an instant classic, and should be the first JD drop! PLEASE!!! It has to! That was really funny!

  29. Melo over KD in first team

  30. my podcast app doesnt show anything after ep981, no refreshing or resubscribing works. i see in the comments above that im am not the only one with this problem. i need a… TBJ FIX

  31. Hey guys, the problem is on iTunes’ end and all we can do is wait til they fix it. In the mean time, stream above or download here:


  32. That show went seriously off the rails at about the 44 minute mark. HILARIOUSLY off the rails.

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