On Monday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown a busy weekend of NBA Playoff action. Topics discussed include: the Warriors storming back, Jarrett Jack, Bogut’s block, young Harrison Barnes, the Thunder doing everything but makin’ shots, Reggie Jackson’s late-game blunders, MIA Ibaka, Marc Gasol, the Bubba Sparxxx Pacers-Knicks, Hibbert’s lefty, whether LeBron flopped, Cole over Chalmers, and Chris Bosh finally deciding to show up.

All that, plus trivia, Google glasses, “Wizard of Oz” farts, and Ed Malloy’s hops.

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  1. Why did you stop putting up video podcasts during the playoffs? I’ve been away for some time, but was there an explanation? Because today I saw it live and you’re still filming it.

    • We made an executive decision, simple as that. We aren’t currently filming with an additional camera we used during the regular season.

      • Why dont you just upload that single top camera video. Some people (including me) would appreciate it seems like.
        And more people could enjoy leighs Seinfeld-Steinbrenner impersonation, in future maybe with some voice work additional to the hand gestures:)

  2. In fairness to Leigh’s Kate Scale, you would stop caring about the Bait Scale if you heard it enough too. There’s as much logic behind the Kate rankings as there is about the baits.

  3. I know this is a really belated question, but why did you guys go from the videos to audio only?

  4. Thought the Spurs played a pretty shitty game overall too, but Warriors were just playing a worse one until the clutch. Couldn’t believe the Spurs missed all those shots in overtime.

  5. 1. Please get rid of the scale in general, shift the tweet of the weak to trey kerby, give the talent of leigh some new segments like Leigh’s Retro Rage or whatever ideas the tbjays have.
    2. Can you please talk about the Future of the Game on your 1000th show. End of Dinasties like the lakers,celtics,etc. Completly new teams emerge as playoffcontenders. Young players getting better and better and coming to the league and being already dominant and controlling the game like experienced veterans. Will there be too many SUPERstars in the future? Will it be an nba of pointguards or will it shift back to big men or both?
    3. #Free_JD! …from his booth and let him speak! the fans want to hear him!
    4. watch history channel’s vikings!! just watch it! believe me!

    • 1. “Leigh’s Retro Rage” sounds like a great video game.

      2. That sounds like the lamest 1000th episode of all time. Not a single dick would be jerked.

      3. Have you ever thought for a second that maybe JD *doesn’t* want to talk?

      4. I’ve seen an episode or two — it was surprisingly good.

      • 2. Ok you are absolutely right. But can you pls talk about this topic on another podcast.Change of Powers,Future of the Game,….
        3. If JD will speak his disciples will listen! Great JD!

  6. I feel fairly confident in my recollection that during the heyday of the early aughts Sacramento Kings NBC would show a decibel meter with a volume equivalency chart (e.g. airplane, etc) noting the volume in Arco Arena.

  7. Anyone else find it strange that there hasn’t been a single playoff game on cable TV?

    I thought the score, sportsnet, TSN broadcast some playoff games before the finals

  8. “They’re trying to get him off” – Leigh on Serge Ibaka

    • Yeah this was the best, most incongruous line. You gotta wonder what conversations are like down there.

  9. Can’t believe you’re all wrong on Nazr vs. Lebron. Definitely worth a tech/flagrant but there’s no way the greatest athlete on the planet flies 20 feet back from a shove from anybody.

  10. Leigh is right he didn’t make an effort to stay up, he back peddled a couple steps and really could have stayed on his feet. You can literally see the moment where he thought about weather he should fall or stay up and he lets his knees buckle. Just saiyan IDC

  11. No one mentioning Trey’s mid show fart and black jocks?

  12. I would like to know who Leighs favorite aussie basketballer is excluding Bogut. I was a Shane heal fan until he turned up to a rec league game and started trash talking us from the sidelines. Even without much playing time I think Patty Mills is at the top of my list.

  13. Decibel Reference Chart? http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/staticresources/health/hearing/images/HowLoudChart.jpg

    They’re all over the internet! And yes, prolonged exposure to noise over 85 dB is supposed to be damaging to the ears. Incidentally, the Decibel scale of measurement is logarithmic meaning that when one place (like Oracle arena) is louder than another (like the Pepsi center), it’s actually exponentially louder! Science!

    Keep up the good work – and can we have a rundown of the best All-Star moments/videos for the 1000th episode? I recall the People’s Dunk Contest of 2009(?) in Phoenix was pretty epic.

  14. that pun from Tas about Matt being the master baiter, is perhaps better than anything from him punwise this season, hopefully this means he’s making a punback

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