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  1. Hey, its a throwback..

    NBA hats have always been too logo heavy

  2. The good people of Seattle would like to point out that, like any scorned lover, they’ve moved on from blaming the ex to getting really defensive about things being good with the ex and then blaming the ex’s crazy family.

  3. Well, he did play for the Sonics… Perhaps he’s hurting financially & had to wear one of his old hats.

  4. Is that rattlesnake skin on the brim? That would be awesome.

  5. So the Sonic fans who now root for OKC, if Kings end up moving to Seattle, do the old Sonic fans now root for that team, or keep rooting for OKC? It doesn’t help that OKC is one of the final four in the West and have possible the 2nd best player on the planet, while the Kings are God-awful.

  6. Summer of 2016…

  7. this picture is awesome

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