Ballin: No real crazy lines last night, but Jarrett Jack made the midrange jumper relevant again by knocking down five of the least efficient shots on a court during the fourth quarter and overtime of yesterday’s Game 4 Warriors win. JJJJJJJJJack shoots 48 percent from 10-23 feet though — far above the league average of 40 percent from that zone — so it’s chill.

Not so much: In a similar vein, Manu Ginobili didn’t have a horrible game — 8-18 shooting, 21 points, three assists, three steals, two blocks, two turnovers — but he did airball a wide-open three in overtime that sent Gregg Popovich’s face in to blink mode, so he’s your underperformer of the day.

Achy breaky: Even though he missed this shot, props to Mananu Ginobili for making a guy fall down.

You might think the worst part of this clip is Manu blowing the three after a great move, but it was really the refs blowing the out of bounds call and giving the ball to the Warriors on the rebound. Oh, and that came after another blown out of bounds call that went the Warriors’ way a couple of possessions before, so maybe those refs are the real Not So Much.

Bahnzee: Speaking of Harrison Barnesison, he went for a career-high 26 points in the win, mostly because the Warriors kept posting him up on whatever guard the Spurs were trying to hide. He only went 9-26 on the afternoon, however, which is something I’m sure Gregg Popovich is OK with.

Goofy foot: Stephen Curry entered Game 4 with a sore left ankle which meant he might be more interested in shooting lefty shots since then he’d be able to jump off his right foot. And well, check it out.

How many points per game do you think Steve Curry could score if he shot left-handed? He could still do everything else normally with his right hand, only he’d be forced to shoot lefty every time. I await your answer in the comments.

Working class man: Which Andrew Bogut thing are you most impressed with — that Tim Duncan only went 7-22 on the day while being primarily guarded by Bogesy or that Bogesy grabbed 18 rebounds in the win or that his new nickname is “Bogesy?” I await your answer in the comments.

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