On Tuesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap last night’s Thunder-Grizz and Heat-Bulls games. Topics discussed include: Marc Gasol’s six blocks, Durant’s 0-fer overtime period, Ibaka breaking out of his shooting slump, Fisher without his glowing magical orb, Gabrielle, the exhausted Bulls, and Rip’s baggy uniform.

All that, plus wooden bowties, the NBA’s All-Defensive Team, merkins, and which coach would be most likely to wear Wade-like capri pants on the sidelines.

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  1. I love when skeets is in a great mood^^ awesome show. clear beckinsale but the moss explanation was spot on so I’ll live with that.

  2. KD was clearly “Thunderstruck”

    Basketball movie buffs know that

  3. I’m the most likely to wear capris, let’s be real

  4. I thought it was kind of crazy how much the Grizz played Bayless over Allen in the 4th. Ya he was in some foul trouble, but you can’t take those fouls home with you. Clearly I’m no NBA coach but I feel like you have to keep TA on Durant (where he was very effective late) and go for the knockout punch. If he fouls out that’s when you have to adjust. It would be a different story if Bayless had it going offensively and wasn’t chucking up air balls

  5. Mike Woodson would rock those capri’s he has the beard to make it work.

  6. Any coach all time? I think Don Nelson would rock those pants. The man did wear a fish tie..

  7. Ty Corbin wears the biggest pants — just visit @Monilogue ‘s website

  8. In regards to when the podcast devolves into something non-basketball-related, this show was awesome.

  9. Mike Woodson – He attends fashion week. He is into that kind of thing. Also he is in NYC and maybe can pull that look off with the media there. Can’t imagine the capris flying in OKC or San Antonio

  10. All defensive teams are joke. CP3, Ibaka and Chandler don’t deserve the 1st team but I can live with that. Two centers in 1st team is stupid. Also how is Gasol in 2nd team when Sanders has more votes? But the thing that is unacceptable is Bryant(who even didn’t try to play defense this year) and Parker(target on defense on every Warriors possession) getting 1st team votes. So, when you were asking is it important for players resume if they made 1st or 2nd team it actually doesn’t matter at all cause this voting is stupid and disgrace to the game.

  11. Mike Bibby’s birthday is actually May 12th. I know that because it is unfortunately also my birthday. And Tony Hawk’s.

  12. I’ve always been curious, what is the name of the outro song??

  13. Merkin – Charlie Villanueva

  14. I can see Spo wearing the capris on a bet with Wade and LeBron.

  15. Great show but the beaver etymology you gave is totally spurious. Check out http://etymonline.com/index.php?term=beaver&allowed_in_frame=0

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