Ballin: Is it possible that Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph came from the same zygote? I know it would be a very bizarre separated-at-birth story, but both of them scored 23 points in the Grizzlies’ Game 4 overtime victory, they shot 8-18 and 8-17 respectively, they grabbed 11 and 12 rebounds respectively and they were wearing the same clothes with just a minor change all night. If that doesn’t scream twins, I don’t know what does.

Not so much: The Chicago Bulls scored 65 points in a home playoff game. It was gross.

And Tyler too: Check out Ol’ Tippecanoe Marquis Teague over here.

Considering the video comes from the NBA and is labeled “Marquis Teague’s accidental tip-in on his own basket,” we know that Marquis Teague is technically the one who tipped the ball in even though Chris Andersen gets the points. That means Marquis Teague scored more for the Heat than he did for the Bulls. It was gross.

Sam Young Memorial Horrible Stint Award: Derek Fisher’s third quarter stat line: 0-3 (0-2 on threes), zero points, zero anything else. Those three misses, by the way — airball, airball, missed three that was so badly bricked that it bounced off the rim and hit the shot clock, giving the Grizzlies possession of el baloncesto.

It gets worse: If all Derek Fisher did was badly miss open shots, look smug when he finally made one and be slow all over the place, it wouldn’t be a big deal because that’s standard operating procedure. But when you add in game-clinching turnovers to the mix, it’s a real Fisher out of water story.

Maybe no one noticed he threw a pass directly to the other team for an easy steal with the game on the line. It’s not likely, but maybe.

Magic isn’t real: And here is proof — Nate Robinson went 0-12 last night, didn’t lead any fourth quarter comebacks and generally looked like he was going to die from exhaustion like Erik on this past season of “Survivor” any time he sat on the bench. It was gross.

Come on, Ernie: I think this is the best rendition of “Birdman Birdman” to date.

Outside of (maybe) David Aldridge/Sekou Smith face, this is Shaq’s best bit. Yeah, it’s pretty much only those two good ones, but still.

Requisite: Because he hasn’t been mentioned yet, let’s talk about how Kevin Durant posted a 27-7-7 line while adding a block and a steal, and while also making a killer scoop scoopity to send the game to overtime. If you want to mention that he only scored five points combined in the fourth quarter and overtime — and that he missed another fourth quarter free throw, which is weird — then I won’t begrudge you stating facts.

Other things: Yet another huge dunk from LeBron James, who took off with a foot touching the second hashmark on the free throw circle … Did Kendrick Perkins pull off the worst flop ever? … Amazing “Inside the NBA” find — Charles Barkley on Reggie Miller’s old local access television show … Can’t wait to see Zach Randolph in “Grown Ups 2″ (just kidding, not seeing it) … Classic Tony Allen trolling … Dwyane Wade’s tiny suit pic via CJ Fogler