Well, looks like we have yet another Grizzly to throw in to the ever-expanding Internet’s Favorite Memphis Grizzly pool, now that Sports Illustrated has snapped a picture of Quincy Pondexter’s puppy, Buckets, just chilling at practice while Quincy works on those corner threes he’s always shooting. The only thing that could make this team more lovable is if Tayshaun Prince adopted this kid. Don’t rule it out.

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  1. “Buckets”
    Oh man, that is so fucking cute.

  2. Love Huskies. Got two corgis of our own though. The Nate Robinson of dogs.

  3. Tbj you’re better than this, wow someone brought their dog to practise no one cares

    • yet, you cared enough to comment. why?

      dogs are cool. trey loves dogs. that picture is awesome.

      go be a bitter shmuck somewhere else. learn how to have fun.

  4. cool that qpon got a husky, UW Pride!

  5. Oh Yeah! I like Quincy way more now. What a cutie π

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