Ballin: 25 points and 10 assists for Tony Parker in the Spurs’ Game 5 beat down of the Warriors. Plus, he made more shots (9) and attempted fewer (16) than Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson together (6-22 shooting combined). Oh, and TP also played fewer minutes than either of the Warriors’ starting guards, if you’re wondering just how badly he outplayed them.

Not so much: Knicks players who attempted more than one shot while still missing every attempt — Iman Shumpert (0-6), Kenyon Martin (0-3) and Jason Kidd (0-2). In related news, the Knicks shot 35.6 percent in their Game 4 loss.

Length: Not the best night for highlights, but this Kawhi Leonard cram was pretty legit.

At the very least, it’s nice that Harrison Barnes knows what it feels like now.

Sam Young Memorial Horrible Stint Award: During Amar’e Stoudemire’s four minutes of second quarter action, he checked in to guard Tyler Hansbrough, immediately fouled him as Hansbrough was driving by, then kept riding him for another few seconds after the whistle was blown before getting in to TyBrough’s face for not stopping or something like that. A couple possessions later, Ian Mahinmi outjumped Stoudemire for an offensive rebound, so Amar’e pushed him in the chest and earned himself a technical foul. He eventually checked out with two points on 1-2 shooting, two rebounds, three personal fouls and a tech. In four minutes.

Opposite day: George Hill’s third quarter was pretty much the antithesis of the previous award.

14 points on 5-7 shooting for the quarter, which is really nice considering the rest of the Pacers scored five points in that period. Way to go, George.

Sad trombone: Want to know the bad news about J.R. Smith’s Game 4 performance? His 19 points on 7-22 shooting might actually be considered a bounce-back game, even though he made just two of his first 12 shots. Oh, two turnovers and no assists as well, just for good measure.

Insult to insult: If you’re curious as to how quickly things went south for the Warriors, consider that they trailed by three to begin the second half, yet still saw the game end with Tracy McGrady getting an assist off an isolation AND a chasedown block.

Tracy McGrady, you guys. Tracy. McGrady. He’s back and just as washed-up as ever.

Nope: Jason Kidd made a nice steal yesterday, which led to a pretty makeable fast break layup. But since you know he went 0-2, you know he boatsed it. He’s now been held scoreless in eight straight games, though I think “held” is kind of a misnomer since you don’t really “hold” anyone to being afraid to shoot.

Other things: Couple of cool moments I haven’t seen online yet — Iman Shumpert’s bizarre strapped-up pregame stretching routine, Paul George stealing the inbounds pass while being the guy guarding the inbounder … Must-follow Twitter account: @DidJRSmithMiss … Look where Gregg Popovich is when he called this timeout“Food chemistry equals team chemistry,” or as you might know it, Metta World Peace on the Knicks … Ugly news regarding Nick Young