This is a really nice ESPN profile on Chris Bosh that us superfans kind of already know — he’s weird, nerdy, silly, reserved and funny — but it is also kind of just eight minutes of Chris Bosh being Chris Bosh, which means it’s eight minutes of Bosh face. Which is to say, you should watch it.

But if you’re too busy for eight minutes of Bosh face for some reason, this should tide you over.

Chris Bosh — good guy, better faces.

Comments (3)

  1. i duno why, but that Holiday Inn line at the end cracked me up

  2. A face only a trophy wife could love??

  3. not when they seriously dont treatment about our survival which they dont it may be bullshit but when it does happen it would almost certainly be somthing like this . NO warning by any means, thats why all the main governments in the earth have already been making underground bunkers which most likely want do the job anyhow

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