He’s on the bench in street clothes.

(via Kevin Mayer)

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  1. Thank you Taco, I just shed a tear in front of my girlfriends father watching this.

  2. He abandoned his team, you think Kobe or curry would sit out like this? Fuck rose the guy is so scared on Miami he won’t embarrass himself again

  3. hey this is sorta like that book “where is the green sheep?’ Great read….

  4. Every single person coming down on Derrick Rose for not trying to play in the playoffs this season is an absolute idiot. Half of the team was out with injuries or illness, you barely squeaked by the Nets…you expect this team to even make it to the Finals? To beat Miami to get there? When Joakim Noah was hurt going into the postseason and the best offensive option for the last month has been Nate Robinson pulling 20 points out of nothing but self-confidence and a quick handle? Chicago could not compete this year. It was written before the beginning of the season, and they performed about as well as you could expect with the triage ward of a roster they have.

    So why after winning one game against Miami when the Heat shot the ball worse than a Big Ten team was everyone clamoring for Rose to come back? He hasn’t played a game in 12 months and you expect him to save the season? Not happening. Give the man the time to fully recover and get into game shape this offseason. If he’s still hesitant next year, by all means, give him stick for it. But anyone with half a brain shouldn’t have expected or demanded that he try to play this season.


    • A few guys make miracle recoveries from injuries and suddenly people act like anyone who doesn’t is a piker.

      I remember an Australian footballer, Nick Malceski, who had then-experimental LARS surgery to come back more quickly from an ACL. He was beyond putrid when he returned, and got dropped from the team and took another year to really come back not because he wasn’t physically ready but because he had no trust in the knee. He played tentatively, he backed off. He CAME BACK BEFORE HE WAS MENTALLY READY.

      Cannot rush these things. Doesn’t get you anywhere. If Rose doesn’t think he’s ready to play in a situation like this, how is he going to drive and rotate without constantly second guessing himself? Answer: can’t. He’ll be back at full power for next season, and be thankful for that Bulls fans (if he’s not mentally ready by then, the Bulls need to get him a new psychotherapist)

  5. For what it’s worth, I agree with the sentiments of Sean T and Arky. I’ve certainly flip-flopped internally between being frustrated and disappointed that Derek Rose isn’t out there for the here and now “what if” and “other guys are playing hurt”, and being understanding that an ACL injury isn’t plantar fasciitis (for example) and that the long term of the franchise is more important than one season. It’s just hard for us fans to be rational sometimes when we’re so irrationally invested in these teams of ours.

    I think it’s good to be able to keep a sense of humour about how important Derek Rose’s injury is in the grand scheme of the planet, as important as the escapism sports provides us is, so I do love this tongue-in-cheek piece of Derek Rose prose.

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