From the person who brought you “Why are Chris Paul’s hats so big?” comes another blockbuster question about something minor in a player’s wardrobe — Why is Paul George’s jersey tag always sticking out? That picture up top is from Game 3, the one below is from Game 4 and you’re just going to have to trust me that that thing was out for the entirety of both of these games.


Maybe this is why Paulie G has only 10 of his last 38 shots against the Knicks — tags can be really itchy, and being really itchy can be really distracting, and when you’re distracted maybe it isn’t easy to focus on shooting. I’m just spitballing here, but that’s the most logical explanation for George’s shooting slump.

Luckily for the Pacers, there’s an easy fix. Someone just needs to tuck it in next game. My choice is Roy Hibbert, since he’ll definitely have a good view of it from on high. Could be anyone though, just as long as it’s someone.

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  1. thats a good question :)

  2. Can’t wait for the next in this hard-hitting series: Why does Serge Ibaka always tuck his jersey in way that makes it look like the stripe on this side is tucked into the back? Weird way of phrasing that phenomenon, but seriously try NOT to notice it next time you watch. That guy has tucking issues.

  3. Speaking of Hibbert’s view from above, check out his goat picture on Twitter. It’s amazing how high up the picture is from.

  4. I actually noticed this when I saw the game lol.

  5. looks like the tag is for the under garment, whatever it is. you can see it in the top picture. some sort of compression shirt? that would explain the black tag. the white jersey would not have a black tag.

    my theory is the tight black shirt gets pulled over his head, and when it gets stuck on the massive ridge in his nose, the back pulls the tab up and voila.

  6. Excellent article u idiots, find something worth reporting you idiots

  7. Why not just print the tags? I understand printing a large design on double fabric would blur, but forget washing instructions and brands, they can pay to print a 1″ ’2XL2T’ or whatever. I guess the problem is the fabric is completely meltable so it’d be hard to cure a print. They would have to heat transfer each one on, but at that size it would not be very hard at all and there aren’t nearly as many sizes as there are letters and names for mock jerseys. Same thing goes for sleeves, it’s as distracting as a loose nose hair or a pepper flake in the gums.

    • Come to think of it, don’t they have the size on a stitched patch at the front bottom, which is tucked in? This makes way more sense.

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