On Thursday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap last night’s Grizzlies-Thunder and Bulls-Heat game. Topics discussed include: Durant’s rough night, the Grizzlies’ gang defense, ol’ Z-Bo, Prince’s dunk, Tony Allen’s towel incident, Wade’s shoe change, Cole over Chalmers, and the Bulls two chances to tie in the closing seconds.

All that, plus the Kings staying put, John Cliché, haircuts, softball, chocolate bars, dreaming of chicks, beverages, and Greek basketball players.

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Comments (33)

  1. Will the 1000th show be on a separate date than scheduled?

  2. I am listening to this while waiting to get my hair cut.

  3. A great two-towel performance by Tony Allen.

  4. I can’t believe the Thunder didn’t win, what with Westbrook not there to steal all of Durant’s shots. Because that’s all he does right?


    God, I hope this series stops that line of thinking.

  5. Durant woke up today after a nightmare with Marc Gasol…time to start training…


  6. This EP is way too funny. “Pop a gatorade, I’m sick. WOO”

  7. I didn’t like the hair talk. The chocolate bar talk was good stuff.

  8. Least favorite meander: Candy Bar Talk.

    Favorite meander: Hot Girl Dream Talk.

  9. I love the bounty bars when I used to live overseas. Damn Almond Joy here doesn’t match up.

  10. Least favorite: Coconut talk/coconut water (sweat water)

    Best: Hot girl dreams

  11. Yo Skeets, where can I get one of those sweet Canada shirts with the multicolored maple leaf?

  12. If shit keeps going the way its going, people are going to start ordering transcripts.

  13. Good comments RE: wade! Injured, he is still better than a large percentage of players in the NBA. Talk about his decline is greatly overblown!

  14. Do you guys think everyone’s going a little too easy on Durant? I kind of think that, whether it’s justified or not, some second guessing would do that guy good. The Haters helped give Jordan, Lebron and Kobe their edge, and it’s weird that everyone’s being so gentle with Durant, the most edgeless of the elite, right now.

  15. you didn’t kate this episode guys… make it a beckinsale in retrospect, leighandro barbosa!

  16. Im a Three Musketeers man myself.

    Also top notch performances from Tas and Matty O.

  17. Prince’s dunk was the sickness

  18. You guys need a blank Jones to get all this candy coconut hair talk out of your system. Maybe when there’s a night with no games

  19. Yo, the l is silent in almond, even in Canada right?

  20. hey Leigh, you need to check out powdered coconut water, heaps cheaper, taste just as awful

  21. hair talk – great
    coconut talk – awesome
    chocolate bar talk – ordinary. it doesnt translate well in other countries. We have Bounty here in Australia, but not any of the other ones.

    Though dont mind the Yanks’ obsession with peanut butter & choc….

  22. Mr. Cliche should really have a French-Canadian accent

  23. I love it when you guys go off on random tangents. It’s very entertaining.

  24. Tas is right about the off-putting texture of bananas these days. Blend them up or keep away. Unrelatedly, The Score should really get ahold of the new Rob Ford video.

  25. Sorry about the tangents?
    The tangents are my guilty pleasure!

  26. Hey Leigh, love your work but please stop with the Kevin Bloody Wilson talk. The guy is a racist, misogynistic, low-brow representation of the worst parts of Australia (and the country’s image does not need any help on any of those fronts). Let’s not enlighten the world about about that dickhead any further eh? Keep it up TBJ, love the show.

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