Ballin: 18 points, six rebounds and five assists is sometimes a half for Dwyane Wade, so his overall line from last night’s series-clinching Game 5 isn’t really that big of a deal. But I think you’d have to agree that Fourth Quarter Dwyane Wade –six points, 3-3 shooting, three rebounds, a block on a Jimmy Butler step back three-point attempt (what) and a frustrating ability to make every play look awesome — was the best player on the floor during either of last night’s games. If he’s that healthy, well, congratulations on your second straight championship, Miami Heat.

Not so much: Kevin Durant went 5-21, missed a game-tying jumper with five-ish seconds remaining, and saw his No. 1 seed Oklahoma City Thunder eliminated in the second round. Bad night for Kraft Dinner, but it’s kind of weird that the online basketball community immediately went in to “If you criticize Kevin Durant for not carrying the Thunder to the conference finals by himself, then you’re an idiot and didn’t watch the game” mode. Has any semi-smart person been saying he choked? Or is it really just people saying that no one should say he choked even though no one given any credence has said he choked?

Charlos: Here’s the definition of Carlos Boozer’s defense.

You might think the Booz Cruise fell for a pass fake, but when you watch the slowmo replay, you’ll see that Slow Norris never once gives any sort of indication that he’s passing. Nope, he was just the beneficiary of some vintage Boozer defense.

And then: Down three with about a minute left, Boozer had an open 12-foot jumper that he passed up for some unknown reason, only to get the ball back for a still-open 7-footer that he hesitated to shoot before bricking it.

Annnnnd theeeeen: On the very next defensive possession, Boozer couldn’t secure the defensive rebound and eventually saw the ball go off his leg to give the Heat another possession with 45 seconds remaining. They didn’t score and the Bulls ended up having some good looks at a game-tying three, but that end of the fourth quarter was some really bad Boozer times.

Juvie: This Tayshaun Prince jam legitimately happened in 2013.

Whenever he retires, Tayshaun Prince’s career highlight tape is going to start with that block on Reggie Miller from his second year in the league. Now the tape has an ending. Really great.

Spotted: Will Smith sitting courtside for Heat-Bulls, with a grey 76ers hat tilted to the side like he’s the Fresh Prince again. It’s like that old saying goes — “You can take the boy out of the hit single ‘Miami,’ but you can’t take the hit single ‘Miami’ out of the boy.”

Tosser: Here is one of the most bizarre NBA plays you will ever see.

I have a couple of jokes for this: 1) Can’t wait to hear his collaboration with Brad Paisley, “Accidental T-Shirt,” 2) Still not weirder than the fact that in the final minutes of the fourth quarter Tony Allen made a fast break layup while getting fouled and went 3-3 from the free throw line. Add yours in the comments.

Rusty: Great alley-oop for the Birdman, terrible 360 hip bump from Mike Miller.

Other things: Jerryd Bayless sunk a one-handed 80-footer that didn’t count … Of all the post-knee tape huge plays that Dwyane Wade made, this was the hugest … And from the pre-tape era, this was the silliest … Almost, Mario Chalmers. AlmostCraig Sager creeping on Will Smith is one of my favorite things, shoutout to Tony Bennett … The NBA officially voted down relocation for the Sacramento Kings, which is a tremendous victory for a deserving fan base … Zach Randolph has mad handles … GIF up top via SB Nation