On Friday’s episode of “The Fix” x “The Overdose,” The Jones preview and predict the Western Conference Finals before discussing George Hill’s injury, Woodson finally playing Chris Copeland, guys that have boosted their free agency stocks, whether Paul Pierce has played his last game in a Celtics uniform, the Kings staying in Sacramento, and the NBA’s best and worst mascots.

All that, plus swirling winds, “The Office,” tiny “Baby Birdman,” and more on crepes.


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  1. Thinking about starting a podast that will breakdown the TBJ podcast. Really go into depth about the Kate scale, rank puns, and debate when coconut water should really be used. You know the stuff people really care about.

  2. Heyo!
    podcast question: are the episodes always delayed by a day on itunes? You have the audio link on the webpage for today’s episode, but its not in iTunes yet.

  3. the ability to finish with both hands

  4. I don’t understand why people are jumping on Grizz in this series.

    Spurs are 6-2 vs Grizz since 2011, lost 4th game by 2 on last second shot with no Duncan, Leonard, Manu. Spurs bigs shot over 50% vs Grizz, Grizz bigs shot less then 50% vs Spurs, Spurs out rebound Grizz. None of this is anything that was changed by the trade. Grizz margin of victory in wins were 3 and 2 points, Spurs margin was 4 and 21.

    The reason people are jumping on Grizz is the 2011 series and Duncan on one leg, Manu broken arm, rookie Splitter, no Khawi or Green and the series STILL went 6. I like Memphis but I don’t see why they get this much love or the Spurs get this much disrespect.

    I would love to see the reasons people think Grizz are so much better (the biggest arguement is TWO BIGS but the Spurs bigs over the last 2 years are a lot better against each other).

    • It’s not about past results any more than the Bucks’ regular season wins over the Heat made anyone think the Heat-Bucks series would be anything but a 4-0 sweep.

      It’s about how the Grizzlies are playing their best basketball since that 2011 series, while the Spurs looked vulnerable to the Warriors, Parker looks less than 100% and Manu is not washed up but is not quite what he used to be either.

  5. Most important question — do I need to worry about Office spoilers? Because it would be a damn shame to have to skip a Friday Jones Fixerdose.

  6. Of course Trey’s biased towards the Bulls so he says Benny’s # 1..

    But no, the best mascot is the Suns’ Gorilla.

    • Gorilla is perplexing when you really think about it..evolution …or not wanting a huge fat guy blocking your view. Hmmm. Maybe the gorilla needs a sun god ensemble. Apparently benny the bull is dressed to the nines.

  7. The Warriors don’t have a mascot because the one they had was named “Thunder” and they had to fire him when the SuperSonics moved to OKC.

    So I vote they officially give the position of mascot to MC Hammer

  8. so when someone is hungry, surely the first food that comes to mind is not ice cream. Skeets should lead with something more like “did anyone leave room for desert?, here is scoops”

  9. Turns out Pierce wore green in high school too, that won’t help Skeets’ fear of him in a non-green jersey.


  10. Playoff predictions Spurs in 7

    Finals matchup I would love to see.

    Sprurs vs Knicks A rematch from the last time the Knicks made the finals. And Camby and Duncan being the only guys from that series would make a interesting story line.

    Free Agents Stock that rose.
    Jack , and Robinson are locks that will get paid somewhere.

    I think that Martin will get some sort of deal after this performance and maybe Copeland. What about a guy like Bayless or Cory Brewer? They both had great reg seasons. You guys think that they might get paid?

  11. I seriously have no clue who to pick in Grizz-Spurs.. makes it harder that I love watching both. Jeez, can they both win? I’ll pick Spurs in 7 with a slight advantage due to HCA.

    and for mascots…love Rocky from the Nuggets!

  12. Spurs in 7.

    This will be an ugly and awesome series to watch.

    Also want Pierce to stay or retire. Ray allen in another uni is ok but Pierce would break my heart. Hes an all time Celtic.

  13. Best NBA mascot: Jazz Bear.

  14. As a Blazer fan, no one likes Blaze in Portland, I think.

    • I just knew Blaze was going to come up in this conversation and Jack is right, no Blazer fan likes Blaze… Next CBA they need to incorporate mascot trades

    • Blaze’s heart is in the right place but he’s really just not cutting it.
      I’m a part of a group of Blazers’ fans who are trying to mount a mascot revolution in Rip City. The idea is that two guys will dress up like Lewis and Clark with gigantic mascot heads like the viking mascot in Freaks and Geeks. Here’s a reference:
      They could throw alley-oops to one another and probably do a lot of other cool stuff too. The NBA would finally have something to replace the Sonics’ Sasquatch as coolest mascot of all time (R.I.P.).

    • Blaze is the absolute worst, he/it/whatever makes no fuggin sense. How is any sort of cat affiliated with any kind of trailblazer? Also, every blazer fan I know hates Luke Babbit. We cringe when we hear he’s checking in.

  15. Spurs in 6.

    The Spurs are hungrier, they want a 5th ring for Pop and Duncan

  16. No talk about Phil Jackson comparing Kobe and MJ ? Surprising

  17. This is why we love Benny, and no this isn’t me plugging my own video. Go to 53 seconds in, you’re welcome guys.


  18. double teamed on the backdoor entry

  19. I’m probably the only one, but I could use a little Canadian Tire talk.

  20. I told my girlfriend about you guys throwing shade at Blaze the Trailcat and she got seriously upset. It made for an hilarious morning. Thanks guys.

  21. If Pierce had done what he had on a small market team there’s no way they let him leave. He’s an all time great but still one among many who have been on the celtics.

  22. The greatest mascot ever was a Scottish panda. No contest.




  24. Skeets! You moonrise kingdom nerd!….i <3 u

  25. Just to have it somewhere:

    I had 11 points from first round, + 5 from Round 2 so far (all winners right, Spurs in 6)

    Prediction for Spurs-Grizz: Spurs in 7.

  26. I love the Great Leigh!
    how did he come up with herr und frau?
    stunned me!

  27. Yo, great stats/analysis today Trey, especially on the Spurs stuff. Sometimes you’re too passive #freeTrey

  28. Trey please keep picking against the Grizzlies, it has worked wonders for us Grizz fans so far. And anyone thinking this thing is guaranteed for the Spurs did not watch their series with the Warriors. Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan at times looked like they couldn’t score. The Grizz will also have trouble scoring for stretches but anyone thinking that the Grizz aren’t as “hungry” as the Spurs is not thinking objectively.

  29. 1000th episode should be good

  30. Hot Chick Dream Talk >>>>>> Pierce Jersey Color OCD Talk

    Contrast PP with Dirk, who’s willing to sacrifice salary to bring in another star so that his team can, you know, actually win.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if Pierce is just ready to get out of Boston and this provides him a convenient excuse. Any chance he could get home to LA?

  31. Guys, what happened to the pun gun? One of the best parts of the Overdose has been the pun gun and I’m really bummed out that I haven’t heard it in a while.
    Spurs and Heat in 6. Splitter and Duncan capable of stopping Z-Bo from going wild and Gasol will probably keep himself from taking over. Conley has really improved but I trust Pop to come up with ways to get Parker enough space to operate. Spurs 3 pt shooting may make this unwinnable for the Grizz.
    Wade getting somewhat healthier will be big for the Heat, and we’ll finally get to see LeBron exert himself for a full game this post season. Refs are going to call a few more fouls on Hibbert’s straight up jumping contests at the rim, superstars do get calls after all. Unless Hibbert can regularly score on the block the Pacers won’t be able to put up enough points to stay with the Heat.

  32. Best mascot has to be Crunch from the T-Wolves. Does all the same stuff of always walking around and always messing with people and posing for pictures. He also officially killed the Harlem Shake. What other mascot has killed an internet meme?

  33. we are indeed getting a giant pelican, not really a fatty tho.
    check the link


  34. As a tortured Sonics fan, it hurts that you play celebration music when announcing the Kings staying in Sacramento. I get that it’s fair (even though ironically the Sonics were given zero chance before being moved to OKC) that the NBA is against moving teams now. But it stings, still. It still blows having your favourite team being ripped away, and even the glimmer of hope of getting that back was too good to be true. Now, with no talks of expansion and this new precedent of teams not being moved at all costs (even if it means the team is sold for less value to a weaker ownership group) I am not sure when my aimless wandering as an NBA vagabond will end.

  35. for the office game, I remember Hubie calling a Clippers game. He was saying that if defender was too far off Chris Paul when he was bringing the ball up Paul would “Pull it up and shoot it in his face.”

  36. Thanks for the shout-out at the end, Tas! I was being an “early bird” at the airport when I saw your tweet. Spent a wonderful weekend in Chicago, where Trey’s fashion fetish for camouflage, basketball sneakers and beards is reflected everywhere.

  37. Don’t sleep on Clutch the Rocket’s bear. Best in the biz at backwards half court shot. Constantly working all over the city. Married to the head cheerleader.

  38. My roommate in college was a mascot who turned pro after we graduated. In his case, it is a full time job – marketing, events, etc.

    I think he’s about done with his 4-5 years in costume and he’s going to take over as a stadium experience employee and be more of a front office person.

  39. Grantland’s Rafe Bartholomew blogged about mascots of the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association), in 2007. Hilarious read: http://katipunani.blogspot.com/2007/05/pushing-envelope-pba-mascots.html

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