It’s silly video showdown time. Here’s your your first option — Joakim Noah vibing out to “Pump Up the Jam” with some bros and lady bros.

Or choice two — DeAndre Jordan combining memes while dunking on ESPN’s Charissa Thompson.

Personally, I’m going with Joakim Noah, but that’s mostly because he’s the best and watching him dance has been a longtime source of enjoyment for me. Get that oil. (Also, I am kind of am worried that Charissa Thompson might have a concussion.) Let’s hear your pick in the comments, but please include a thorough explanation for your choice.

(via Deadspin/Reddit)

Comments (10)

  1. deandres is better cause the girls is hot and he didnt say sorry

  2. Deandre Jordan because the Noah video wasn’t funny.

  3. Vinny Del Negro used to coach both BUT he is not laughing at ANYTHING today as the Clips have announced he won’t be back:)

  4. Always go with getting that oil.

  5. Clearly the second one wins because it has Charissa Thompson in it.

  6. What’s the song in Noah’s vid? I know I’ve heard it, but just can’t place it.

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