On Tuesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones preview and predict the Eastern Conference Finals before discussing the Spurs-Grizzlies, tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery, Bryan Colangelo’s confusing new role with the Raptors, and the return of the Charlotte Hornets!

All that, plus long weekend voices, Plinko, Frank Vogel’s daughter, and Mark Morrison.


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  1. Lottery talk on the fix tomorrow?

  2. I fell into a weird NBA wormhole today reading Bonner’s Sandwich Blog through a link in Lowe’s Grantland article while listening to TBJ.

  3. Are Heat opponents even allowed to say that they hope they win?!? LeBron needs to chill the eff out.

  4. No more THINGS OF NOTE for the season? Come on Trey Kerby. We know you even write in your sleep… hit us with it!

  5. Love that the Hornets are coming back.. but what happens to the history? Do they retire LJ and Mourning’s (and Mugsy’s too.. the man was the star of Space Jam) numbers for this new Hornets team, or for the New Orleans teams?

  6. Sounds like Trey and Tas read the Zach Lowe piece. Also, camo skinny pants? Sweet freedom when you know the video won’t be going up.

  7. Heat in 6
    Spurs in 7

    Lottery pick winner is : Suns

  8. What do you guys think about Dwayne Casey? Does he deserve to be fired? I was under the impression he did a good job with what he had.

    • Is there a difference between incompetence and not getting the job done? If there is not than Casey should be shown the door.
      I believe BC is in line for a league office position when Stern retires. A firing now would look awkward at best, thus the temporary limbo – you heard it at TBJ first.

      • Since they’re paying him anyway they’re basically giving him an office to work out the details of his next job. They avoid looking making Leiweke’s first act on the job the firing of a respected dude, BC avoids being fired (publically, anyway). That’s how I heard it.

  9. Lottery Pick winner…I’m feeling some luck for Cleveland.

  10. For years the guys on ESPN Radio LA have pronounced it LIE-WICK-E (as in see) but I could be mistaken. I think we needed a little more out of the Australian today.

  11. Surprisingly short show for such a crazy NBA weekend

    Get better soon you alcoholics

  12. I’d love to see the lottery odds determined by best home attendance among lottery teams instead of worst record. That would get rid of tanking and create some pretty crazy promotions and such at the end of the year, trying to get people in the seats to improve their odds.

    • This is actually a completely awesome idea. Owners would also have incentive to give away massive quantities of free tickets at the end of the season, too.

      • I love this idea as well, but don’t big-market teams already have too large of an advantage in this league? Every year the Knicks don’t make the playoffs, they’ll get the #1 pick.

        • Ah, didn’t think about that part, though I suppose the league office would love that.

          However, I was thinking more just the lottery odds and not the whole seedings, so New York would just have the best chance at the number one pick, but if they didn’t end up top three they’d drop back to wherever they’d be by record. There might be some way to weight it as a ratio to the city’s population, but that’s getting too complicated.

  13. I am trying to think of a good reason why Masai Ujiri would want to leave the very successful Nuggets team he has helped to build, that seems to have a bright future for the clusterf@ck that is the Raptors and MLSE. His folks must be angling for more money. This is as big a pipe dream as Phil Jackson coming to town. The Raps have left this so late we may have to call on Rob Babcock to get us through the draft.

  14. Unless the Raptors are willing to pay him an absolute shedload more than the Nugs, I can’t see why he’d go either. His reputation and perceived value only rise with the Nugs improving, and they’re a young rising team where the hard yards have already been done… I mean, do you want to parachute in and have to try and trade Bargnani now?

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