On Wednesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, that “exhilarating” NBA Draft Lottery coverage, and the Los Angeles Clippers firing Vinny Del Negro.

All that, plus hugging your dad, Tony Allen’s acting, and sleepless babies.


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  1. When will the book off payoff happen?

  2. clippers should try and bring larry brown back to the nba…great coach who wouldnt want his last nba job to have been the bobcats

    • Great guy but there are plenty of unemployed coaches who should probably be hired ahead of him. SVG and Nate McMillan come to mind. I would say Jeff but I am a full supporter of JVG4COMMISH

  3. Good Coach for the Clippers. Byron Scott. Goes back to LA to coach the Clipps =) And he has a relationship with CP3

    • I thought Chris was going to New York? Oh, that’s right, stupid Knicks wasted $12M and amnesty on $14M Chauncy to sign Tyson and give away Ronny and an extra $3M. But it all worked out because after signing Mike fuckin Bibby, and Baron fuckin Davis, and Jeremy fuckin Lin they had the Great Jason fuckin Kidd save their franchise from Melo’s ball-hoggery… OOPS! Grunwald needs to grow a brain and Woodson needs to grow a pair.

  4. That play on Tony Allen should ALWAYS be a flagrant foul. Why should the spurs be rewarded with a normal foul when it was clearly intentional on a breakaway layup? The NBA needs to take a page from hockey and start rewarding the team with the advantage instead of the the one with the disadvantage.

  5. JIF – Giraffic Interchange Format

    “pulling the balls”

  6. I thought that foul was a flagrant. He didn’t go for the ball, he just grabbed his arm and pulled it down and in the process caused him to crash into the ground. He didn’t even try to make a play on the ball.

  7. i thought that that conley foul you guys were talking about occured in the 2nd half

  8. Byron Scott for the clippers job??

  9. That foul on Allen is flagrant foul every time. This isn’t football, hockey, or MMA. There is no need for these type of hard fouls in the NBA. This isn’t the “old days” like every old fogey announcer likes to lament about.
    If someone fouled you like that in a pickup game that would start a fight. It’s dangerous and unnecessary. He didn’t hit his head, but he could have broken his arm. If you can’t make a legal defensive play on the ball, don’t commit a lazy dangerous foul.
    The game has always evolved. There aren’t peach baskets and we play with a shot clock and a 3 point line. There is no reason to cling on to the past. Get rid of this violent play.

    • Amen to all of that. That sort of foul can easily lead to a major injury. I hate to see players get injured in the NBA. It happens often enough in situations that cannot be avoided. But in cases like this where you can actually try to prevent it by way of calling it a flagrant foul (and in the process causing players to think twice in the future), I think that’s the way to go.

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