Just watch David West here for 30 seconds or so. He hears a question that has nothing to do with him, puts his head in to his shoulder, then wakes with a start once and looks super befuddled once a new question has been asked — as any teacher will tell you, this is a tell-tale sleeping when you shouldn’t be sleeping maneuver.

So was he sleeping? You be the judge. Just remember it was pretty late when Game 6 ended.

(via Tassie and Sean W.)

Comments (5)

  1. Yes. Yes, he did.

  2. You thought he was sleeping, didnĀ“t you? …acting!

  3. They all super tired and bored though…

  4. I’m mor interested in seeing what got Paul George interested

  5. I like the bit when Roy Hibbert tries to say something good about their bench.

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