On Thursday’s episode of “The Fix” x “The Overdose,” The Jones discuss Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, NBA head coaching vacancies, Dwightmare 2.0, Coach K returning to Team USA, and Jim Boeheim’s thoughts on the New York Knicks.

All that, plus our first ever mock draft, Box-Out Kid’s posse, our favorite lefties of all-time, signature scents, and Anna Kournikova’s ageless beauty. Wait. What?


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  1. Team Leigh:

    Jack Nicholson
    Larry David

    Team Tas:

    Will Smith
    Clipper Darrell
    Jason Sudekis

    Team Trey:

    President Obama
    Cheslea Peretti
    Box-Out Kid

    Team Skeets:

    Jimmy Goldstein
    Spike Lee
    Excited Grizzlies Kid

  2. for the 5 second back to basket call, it doesnt matter if you are moving backwards or not, it will still be called

    • You mean it doesn’t matter whether you are moving back or not, it will NOT be called.

      They mentioned on the call that it was only called 4 times in the regular season. I can’t remember the last time I saw it called- not in the last few years, anyway. The refs were really whistle-happy in the first half, all those defensive 3-second calls as well.

  3. has anybody noticed this mavericks fan, who does this weird “shake mystic pink thing whenever mavs score”-routine literally every game?

    • It’s not a mystic thing, it’s a handclapper. And as a Laker fan there’s always this guy courtside who claps with a newspaper or some periodical

  4. By Tas taking Jason Sudekis, that means Olivia Wilde will be with him. Its a nice package. You cant go wrong with a woman with those type of pretty eyes.

  5. Ideal coach-team match: Jerry Sloan and Clippers.

    Not an LA guy, obviously, and he’s been hanging around the Jazz a bit of late, so he’s probably unavailable, but the Clips have the template with which Sloan has succeeded in the past… a PG (in need of a strong leader), a skillful and dynamic PF, a shot-blocker, tenacity (in the form of Paul and Barnes, at least), a wing defender/shooter/cutter (Barnes again) and team passing with the athletic capacity to finish inside.

  6. Not a mention of the Hawks being a valued job. Ferry has turned things around with the most cap room available having only Lou Williams, Al Horford, and John Jenkins on the books. Potential to do a lot of different things with two draft picks and several free agents for sign and trades.

  7. 1) Tas
    2) Trey
    3) JE
    4) Leigh

    Surprised Billy Crystal wasn’t picked. Not sure why I’m surprised, but I am.

  8. Can’t believe nobody wanted Worldwide Wes as the #1 fan

  9. #teamskeets dominated this. Its like wheres waldo with Jimmy in the playofffs. My favorite fans this year have been the people behind the color and analyst guys, it seems to me like this past couple of months every single broadcast there has been someone interesting/weird/ridiculous sitting behind the TNT guys.

  10. Skeets’ team is the best, and it’s not even close. His top two picks were better than anyone else’s entire team. And he picked 4th in every round? Talk about embarrassing.

  11. Skeets started strong, but I have to go with Trey’s team. And if you consider Worldwide Wes a fan, it’s a travesty that he wasn’t picked.

    P.S. Will Ferrell

  12. Thinking back on it, the true upset of the draft was that no one picked this McGyver look alike:


  13. How did none of you take Grandma Lana????

  14. No one blaming Sam young for not contesting LeBron?

  15. When does episode 1000 happen skeets?

  16. I can’t believe no one took Justin Timberlake, although can minority owners be considered fans? You’d get Jessica Biel with that deal too.

    I’ll go with Team Skeets.

  17. How the heck did nobody mention Chrsi bosh as their favorite lefty?

  18. Also, Bill Hader.

    so why not just drop some BLANKJONES and entertain the masses!

  20. denzel is an undrafted free agent…what a steal

  21. If you watch the George turnover that looked like he mistook Sam Young for being on the court, it was actually probably Hill’s fault.

    George made a LeBron-like anticipation lead pass because he saw Hill breaking off of his man (I think it was Wade) on the perimeter. George saw that and anticipated Hill to keep running into the corner for an open shot. Hill, for whatever reason, stopped running just as the pass was made and made George look like an idiot.

    After the play, George makes a gesture to Hill with his hands as if to say, “My bad for anticipating but your bad for not making the smart cut to the corner.”

  22. No one picked Chris Mullin for their favorite lefty????????

  23. Top 4 Fans:

    Jimmy Goldstein
    Middle FInger Lady at Heat Game who ‘may’ have killed her first husband.

  24. team skeets, then team trey, and then daylight…

  25. #teamSkeets way the best

  26. A note about the end of the 4th Q. With 42 seconds left, Dwayne Wade drove to the rim, Hibbert was at the rim, and Wade made a layup over him pretty easily. Hibbert is not Bill Russell. Lebron probably would have figured it out regardless.

    • Also note: if you camp Hibbert under the rim on the inbounds, you’re surrendering a wide open shot to the player of the Heat’s choice and just allowing an uncontested shot is not going to be acceptable to ANY team (let alone Indiana). I’m not convinced that Hibbert on the floor is in a position to mess with that shot. As soon as George blew the on-ball defence so badly he couldn’t affect the shot at all it was over.

      • I am so tired of this bullshit logic: if hibbert makes no difference, how are the pacers even tied with a few seconds left? if the heat’s small ball line up had been so effective against hibbert, why didn’t they lead by 10? the pacers are an amazing defensive team and hibbert is an incredible defensive player. OF COURSE he has to be on the court, that’s the point of having that dude. the guys said it on the show as well, vogel just overcoached. would you rather give up a chris bosh J with hibbert jump-sliding towards him or an uncontested lebron layup?

        also @ that man: a few minutes earlier, wade drove to the rim and got destroyed by hibbert pretty easily, so now what? examples aren’t arguments.

        • Yeah, Hibbert probably should have been on the court, but at this point, I just believe Lebron can do whatever he wants. The way a lot of people are talking about it makes it seem like just Hibbert being out there would have forced the heat to go to a Bosh 17 foot jumper. Hibbert or no, Lebron does work.

  27. I liked the “Give me the gold” drop. But you should use the Auto-tune version by the Shmoyo guys.

  28. Give more hour long shows, work gets really, really boring!

  29. No Woody Allen? List lost all credibility.

  30. 1000th episode can’t wait

  31. Favorite current lefty has to be Kent Bazemore

  32. Flea is sometimes on ESPN LA and he’s the perfect posterboy for low-information, facts-adverse Lakers fan. Enjoy his shitty dumb opinions and homerism!

  33. My favorite lefty: LeBron James, duh.

  34. The Pope isn’t a basketball fan iirc, but he is a huge fan of San Lorenzo (football team).

  35. biggest snub gotta be Kate Upton. She seems undecided between Michigan, Thunder, Clippers, so should be ripe for the picking.

  36. Favorite lefty: Moochie Norris

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