Here is what we think about LeBron James’ Game 1 buzzer-beating game-winning hyphen-inducing layup:

Whoa. What a shot. What. A. Shot. This guy is a monster. Why didn’t Frank Vogel have Roy Hibbert in after LeBron had just made a layup at the rim on the Heat’s previous possession because he could easily get to the rim due to a lack of a Pacers rim-protector? That’s weird, I definitely would have left him in. Remember when the biggest debate in basketball was whether or not LeBron is clutch? That was crazy. I like Fun Dip, particularly the red cherry pouch.

Here is what LeBron James thinks of his Game 1 buzzer-beating game-winning hyphen-inducing layup, courtesy of Fox Sports Florida:

“I mean, I made a layup,’’ James said. “It’s not like I made something halfcourt. I made a layup. I’ve been doing that since I was 8 years old.’’

Yeah, well I made a layup before I was eight years old, so who’s a four-time MVP who is guaranteed to be a first ballot Hall of Famer now? Oh, still LeBron James. Seems about right. Never mind.