Ballin: LeBron James had a triple-double, so him. LeBron James also made a game-winning buzzer-beater, so also him. LeBron James also became the first player in NBA postseason history to tally a triple-double and a game-winning buzzer-beater in the same game, so him again.

Not so much: Frank “En” Vogel went 0-2 on last minute of overtime Roy Hibbert substitutions, which allowed LeBron James a nice chance to practice both his right-handed and left-handed layups after blowing by Georges Paul and Hill on the way to the basket. Quick coaching tip — if you’re subbing out Hibbertydibberty for Sam Young or Tyler Hansbrough in the final seconds of a playoff game, you’re doing it wrong.

Fin: If you’d prefer the top two entries to be condensed in to a quick vijoe, this should work.

Considering this was a virtual replay of the previous Heat possession — when Vogel pulled Hibbert for Young, only to see LeBron force a switch, easily ditch George Hill and then gently lay the ball in with no one at the rim — pretty Bad Idea Jeans by the Pacers head man. Good to know, however, that Vogel says Hibbert will “probably” be in if a situation like this presents itself again.

Sam Young Memorial Horrible Stint Award: Sometimes it feels good to get back to basics, which is why I’m excited that Sam Young gets this award again. It might not be the worst 2.2 seconds an NBA player has ever played, but those last couple of seconds very well might have been the worst help defense we’ve ever seen on an MVP driving to the hoop for a game-winning buzzer-beating layup.

PG, are you with me?: Of course, the Pacers wouldn’t have even been in the position to make bad decisions if not for Paul George’s miracle shot.

Kind of fun to the see the biggest shot of a player’s career and then know immediately that that’s exactly what it was. 27 points, four rebounds, five assists and numerous monster shots for George on the evening, but he also turned the ball over six times — including this boner of a pass to Sam Young, who was rightfully on the bench — which is a huge number for a team with a tiny margin for error.

Shoutouts: Tyler Hansbrough had 10 points and six rebounds in 12 minutes. Norris Cole filled in for Mario Chalmers, who went down early in the second half with a shoulder injury, by putting up a measly two points, but also added four assists (five turnovers too, yikes) and was generally pesty on defense. Chris Andersen was 7-7 for 16 points, while also adding five boards, a steal and three blocks in his 18 minutes.

Hoops: This is just a fun basketball play.

Awesome block by Hibbert, super smart save and pass by Cole, money jumper by LeBron — the NBA is great.

Weird: Since the Heat’s sweep of the Bucks, Ray Allen has made just five of his last 21 three-point attempts. He’s also missed three free throws in his last four games, so I guess he’s a terrible shooter now.

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