Good luck trying to pick a favorite part of this. I’m going with “I’m in to light blues like this teal,” but I’d love to hear yours in the comments. So many to choose from.

(via Point Forward)

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  1. The collective gasp from the crowd when he rips his pants off is the best.

  2. Sam Waterson? Did this uniform appear in a law and order?

  3. Jerry Seinfeld?

  4. I mean, What’s the deal with the teal?

  5. I clearly remember this from ESPN…and rival players giving them sh*t about the colors.

  6. If that’s a real size basketball I guess that dude must have been really good.. (is he the guy that pulls his hair after the buls stop the knicks like 8 times in one play in 1993?)

  7. holy shit. there is too much to react to.

  8. best bit is definitely at 0:20 when the pj carlesimo says “take your shirt off” in a really really good way. so quiet. so sick.

  9. SPNDLST is right, it’s the unnecessary gasps when he pulls off his pants, but also the fact they just didn’t bring out another player for the Road uniforms, and the awkward video shot of the half empty scattered crowd for a second or two.

  10. I love the little touch he gets from the guy sitting down when he walks in the second time wearing teal. Its like “you look so good I could eat you up! go get em honey!”

  11. That Full Monty stripper move… Boy.

  12. The guy lightly touching his elbow as he gets on stage.

  13. the Hornets shooting shirt was pretty fancy.

  14. Why does he look so uncomfortable wearing short shorts? Wasn’t that normal back then.

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