LeBron James is kind of in a new McDonald’s commercial, which you can see right above these words, and while I’d vote for the Big Mac as the best menu item, I very much appreciate “The Decision” zing that comes right at the end of this spot. Therefore, if you’re voting McNuggets as the best just so you can make a LeBron zinger, I get it.

But LeBron’s not the only NBA player who is crazy about McNuggs, as I accidentally found out while checking in to things since the only NBA news of note today is the must-be-a-joke announcement that the Chicago Bulls’ trainer was named Athletic Trainer of the Year. For instance, a few modern legends showed up in a commercial many moons ago, only to be knock-knock joked right in the face.

Craziest part of this commercial? This came out in 1997, but two of these guys played in the league THIS YEAR. You cannot kill Grant Hill or Juwan Howard, and they cannot die. They are basketball Highlanders, of which there are allowed to be two because everyone needs someone to play against.

The second craziest part of this commercial? The response was so overwhelming that they had to do a follow-up.

Well, either that or they just wanted to get their money’s worth during the shoot. One of the two.

Apparently, people in the 90s couldn’t get enough of Grant Hill’s love of McNuggets. I mean, why else would he film a trilogy of ads?

When we look back on Grant Hill’s career, the first thing people will mention is all the injuries. After that, they’ll probably talk about how great of a player he was, which will include his superb college career, I’m sure. Third, however, will definitely be how much he loved Chicken McNuggets. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t start calling him Grant McHillets soon. I’ve heard he credits those crispy little guys for extending his career.

As far as I can tell, this is all the NBA players that have plugged McNuggets (McPluggets, duh) in commercials that are currently on YouTube. So if you’ve watched all four of these ads, you’re basically an expert in the field of NBA McNuggets history. Congratulations on your very important degree. Your mom will be so proud.