Click here for a full-sized version of this newspaper clipping from a 1972 recap of a game between the Bucks and SuperSonics, then please explain to me why Kareem-Abdul Jabbar didn’t change his shorts at halftime. Even Kevin Seraphin isn’t that silly.

(via Uni Watch)

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  1. You don’t change things up when you’re winning by 22.

  2. It still bugs me today that they didn’t records blocks or steals until 73-74, imagine all the silly records we’d have today.

    Like Bill and/or Wilt averaging 12 blocks per game or something.

    • I concur. It would be great to at keast know the numbers for the leaders. Go through all the filmed games to give us an idea of how many blocks Russell had each game.

      The quality of writing un the recap really stands out.

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