On Monday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones break down the weekend’s two Game 3′s — Heat-Pacers and Spurs-Grizzlies. Topics discussed include: Haslem’s jumper, LeBron posting up George, iso Lance, whether Wade should have been suspended, SA’s overtime drive, missed free throws, and a visibly gassed Marc Gasol.

All that, plus Jeff Hornacek, unopened beers, milk, verticality, tennis, and Bane impersonations.


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  1. Pretty tough shirt game all around today, though Trey looked “American” in all respects in that shirt.

    Roland Garros seems a bit anti-climactic. Serena should pull through if she steadies herself through her lesser first week opponents. Nadal had a scare, but apart from Djok, no one seems to have figured him out. Would be nice for a frenchman wildcard like Monfils or Paire (or Gasquet) to at least make the quarters.

    And Leigh: No talk of Rusty? That was a heartbreaking defeat. He had played so well.

    Skeets is right that if the Heat get 1 or 2 others going, pretty hard for Indy (at least) to beat them. Some reversion to the mean was expected from the role players. Games 1 and 2 had been close and the Heat played terribly.

    Tas needs to put the team on his back or has he been sissified by the estrogenic qualities of milk?

  2. The late start time for Sunday’s game had to do with the Indy 500.

  3. Arrested Development starts out slow, but once you reach episode 4 or 5 everything starts making a bit more sense and becomes hilarious again

  4. Perfect outro Tas. Still shaken to my core.

  5. Trey,
    can you please ask leigh if he remembers the episode when rudy got her first period?

    thank you and keep up the good work!

  6. i remember hearing that the indy 500 had 200,000 ppl not 400,000

  7. Bit obvious that the only flops you singled out to talk about are the ones Steve Kerr and co singled out during the coverage. Do some more research! More original flops required!

    Can only give the lowest Kate on the Kate Scale when listening to the discussion of the games sounded like a regurgitation of the commentary. Sorry guys, you’re usually better than that.

  8. Guys don’t be afraid to go off topic and talk about random stuff sometimes (Arrested Development, Tennis, etc).

  9. Nice Swan Lake drop! I hope we can get another major or two from Roger, but it doesn’t look good with Rafa back in the mix, and obviously the emergence (over the last couple years) of Djoker.

  10. Slightly stunned you guys didn’t go for an Austin Powers drop when you talking about Horny becoming the new Suns coach.

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