Things of Note for May 27, 2013


Ballin: All of the standard Heat were pretty good, but Remnant from When the Heat Were a Normal Team, Udonis Haslem, was the story of yesterday’s Game 3 Miami win. Haslem went 8-9 from the field, scored 17 points and grabbed seven rebounds, while looking way less like the basketball equivalent of an appendix than he usually does. Facial hair still didn’t connect, but it’s pretty late in the game to hope that wish comes true.

Not so much: The Pacers made more free throws than the Miami Heat attempted, made more threes and shot a higher percentage from deep than the Heat, and outrebounded Miami 45-36 while grabbing 16 offensive rebounds — and they still lost by 18 at home.

Face: Here is an innovative way to save a basketball.

One of my high school teammates did this during our Christmas tournament my junior year. Even though he wasn’t intentionally whipping the ball off the guy’s face, he got a technical. I’m glad the NBA isn’t the same as Illinois high school basketball.

Poifect: Chris Andersen made all of his shots again, this time going 4-4 from the field for nine total points. He hasn’t missed once during the Eastern Conference finals and he’s currently shooting 85.4 percent from the floor during the playoffs.

Crumple: Bad flop, Dwyane Wade. Bad, bad flop.

You know those kids toys where there’s like an animal or something on a pedestal, then you press a button on the bottom of the pedestal and the whole thing collapses? That’s Dwyane Wade on that play. Pretty bad. More like Shyame Wade.

Pointless: The Pacers got smoked, no duh, so it’s not a surprise that just one of their players had a positive plus-minus. He was a +2 in 34 minutes, during which he went 2-10 from the field, scored seven points and had two of his shots blocked, because plus-minus is a dumb stat.

Crush: Dwyane Wade doesn’t flop when he dunks. Well, at least not on this throwback jam.

Pretty sure that’s a moving screen by Shane Battier, but I’ve always been of the opinion that minor fouls like that one shouldn’t count on highlight plays. Glad to see the refs agree.

Spun: If you are wondering what Paul George was having nightmares about last night, it’s probably the LeBron James baseline spin he was destroyed with a few times last night. Either that or his 3-10 shooting from the field. Or maybe that he had as many turnovers (5) as the entire Miami team. One of those things probably.

Other things: LeBron had a big dunk last night too, but it’s kind of like, “yeah of course you can dunk with two hands on a wide-open breakaway” … Good “Inside the NBA” bit that was repeated last night — Shaq and Ernie are Chuck’s dogs … Gregg Popovich dancing is the must-see GIF of the month … I like orange more than most people, but even I think Dwyane Wade is wearing too much orange … Sad Spider-Man via CJ Fogler