Are you ready for the greatest casting news since The Rock joined Vin Diesel in “Fast Five?” Hope so, because it’s coming at you right now, via Zach Lowe at Grantland:

Exciting news for NBA nerds who enjoy Bonner’s deadpan “Coach B” YouTube series of instructional videos: Bonner informs Grantland that “Coach B” is set to return, with a special guest appearance from Brian Scalabrine. You read that right: Matt Bonner and Brian Scalabrine have apparently filmed a comedy video together. Prepare accordingly.

Redheads of the world unite! Your time is coming! Brian Scalabrine and Matt Bonner together at last, like we’ve always hoped they would be. Now all they need is Luke Schenscher, Bill Walton and that redheaded kid from Wisconsin to hop on board and they can form the curliest, ruddiest Voltron the world has ever seen.

Let’s just keep this a secret from Will Ferrell, if we can. He’s in enough stuff already.

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  1. Bonner wearing converse ? Guess he finally ran out of the NBs

    good video, the TBJ army loves some Matt Bonner

  2. And me. That’s the other thing they need. Bonner is the best.

  3. This is one of the best things on the Internet ever.

  4. this is the greatest thing ive ever seen

  5. they have 2 more episodes of this on youtube

  6. Scalabrine and Bonner that is the best combo since wade and lebron, nash and Nowitzki, kobe and shaq. Hell even Pippen and Jordan.
    Too much clutch to many threes. The real splash brothers.

  7. Don’t forget Robert Swift.

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