On Tuesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap Game 4 of the Spurs-Grizz. Topics discussed include: Tony Parker’s brilliance, Z-Bo’s struggles, Splitter’s D, the Grizzlies’ immediate future, Patty Mills’ energy, and how the Spurs are like a soccer team.

All that, plus the Bobcats’ new head coach, Clifford the Big Red Dog, birthdays, and much more.


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  1. Cut those sideburns, Mattingly!

  2. I thought Patty Mills was doing a Mookie from Do The Right Thing.

  3. Sharing the same birthday as Rob Ford? lol Im pretty sure he wouldnt mind inviting Leigh to hang out with him today but would Leigh decline his offer?

  4. http://www.amazon.com/Cliffords-Noisy-Day-Norman-Bridwell/dp/0590457373

    As a father of young children, I’m with you Leigh…

  5. Huge Clifford was the original Clifford, and there was a spin-off not too long ago with puppy Clifford, which is the regular sized one Leigh is probably talking about.

  6. 9 day layoff is going to be so painful. I understand for 1 game like a superbowl but not that long for a 7 games series

    Heat could end it on thursday night so they have 6 day layoff


    • I hope the pacers make it go at least six so there is basektball on. Maybe #TBJ does a mailbag only show next week if theres too much time between games

  7. Big day for aussies and no mention of Andrew Gaze’s induction into the FIBA hall of fame?? I thought for sure that there would be a vintage Ellis rant on the matter..

    • Good catch Lambo, Bloody unAustraan Leigh!
      Drewey was waaay down the end of the bench of the Spurs 1999 finals win.
      Total contribution statistically in the finals = nil
      Total contribution to being awesomely geeky = all time

      Cheers fellas

      ps. Aparently Gazey once broke the Spurs club record for the leg press, he couldn’t figure out why, until he woke up the next day and couldn’t move. Andrew Gaze ladies and gentlemen, National Treasure!

  8. Loved the Score Clifford podcast

  9. “We’ll take another Crack-Cocaine At it tomorrow”
    missed pun there Skeets

  10. Yo leigh missed a stat. Trey said luc longley was the last AUS player to make the NBA finals. Wrong. Andrew Gaze was.

  11. Just read Poopens comments. Once again i was beaten to the punch.

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